It was a crazy ride

It has been a crazy day and a hell of a ride.
Season three has once again delivered on its promises despite some few hitches. But nothing is perfect because perfection they say leads to stagnation.

Crongratulations to the @admin.hackathon, @trondao, @TronLive and even the tronbot for such a wonderful display of professionalism.

I know the hitches will be worked on and make season 4 even better than what we saw.

To all the participants, i say it was a great job done, for gradually preparing, constantly building for months, to deliver a product that was loved by the community.

Moreover, to those that were disqualified, that is not the end of the road, clean yourself up, prepare very hard again and lets meet in season four because the strength of a man is not judged based on the number of times he fell, but the number of times he was able to get up after falling. It was sad, but well that is the game for you, to succeed you have to play by it rules.

Also to the community members, wow it was a tough ride, @Sirluke, @fabsltsa, @antonio, @H_P, @Deba215, @Claw, @Virex and all those I couldn’t mention, you guys made the ride enjoyable.

Congratulations to everyone out here, lets meet again in season 4 and beyond.

Thank you!


Nothing is over yet :eyes: now it’s time for the team to remove all the fraudulent votes. The final results might still change.

Thanks for your participation as an observer :raised_hands: It was nice to share the ride with you and @antonio, even tho he forced me to use google translate :joy: I hope next time more people will join us, ask questions to the participants and verify those are following the rules.


Yh @antonio made me used translator always and sometimes even made me sent my replies in Spanish, :rofl::rofl: it was a lovely encounter.

I know there will be a clean up by the team, but the adrenaline was great as i was on some of the telegram platforms of these projects and almost all of them were sitting on tenterhooks.

To reach here is great :+1:


Yeah it was a nice ride full of fun and learnings ! The hackathon is improving from season to season and I expect S4 to be more huge and grand! Looking forward to using some of the new launches :+1::blush:


Hahah the S4 will be great especially for those eliminated last minute, they will be coming in like a wounded lion. :rofl::rofl:


LFGGGG can’t wait for season 4
Y’all should expect me


As observer or project builder? :eyes:

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It was indeed a crazy ride.

The insightful comments & topics from @Nana66419 @fabsltsa @Simon & @antonio has always encouraged to add valuable insights.

Looking forward to how the votes get removed and will those accounts which literally joined 24 hours ago & voted for projects be considered or discarded.

Let’s enjoy the last few days of Season 3.



Builder :ninja:t4::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging:


So we wait till the 16th of this month, last season they removed some of the votes, so i know it wouldn’t be hard for them at all this season.

We would, i hope you bring the best, cos if u fail to deliver to standard. We the observers association of trondao will roast you alive :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
Just kidding. Bring it on

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I have no idea what to build but I’d try my very best​:joy::joy:
I will be sure to tag you

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S3 was a atep up drom S2, the admins listened to the user concerns after S2 and made changes that went in the right direction. It’s always rewarding to see active forum users lile you and those you mentioned.

Every season always brings up the good and the bad, but I think that it show how live is the Tron/BTTC ecosystem. Let’s keep building!


Kidding but… not kidding :joy:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: u get the point.

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That’s will be very good


Hola, no te puedes quejar has aprendido otro idioma y ya estás preparado para viajar a España. En el próximo hackaton seguiremos con las pilas puestas, ha sido genial conocerte :+1:

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Hola, has sido un gran maestro, y además has aprendido otro idioma, felicidades :+1:


Hola, se trata de que entre todos construyamos una comunidad valiosa, y sea didáctica, respetuosa y hagamos grande cada uno en su labor este ecosistema de tron tan valioso.

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this is the first time for us on Tron Hackathon participation but I’m aware that all challenges may have some twist at the end.
Don’t forget that actually TronDAO forum public vote only is ended, we are confident judges to identify the product that is most relevant to the challenge!

Good luck at all, and you, @Sirluke @Deba215 and the others are made a great work to support newbies!