Keystream by WalnutRock

Project Name: Keystream
Project Track: Web3 Technical
Team Name: WalnutRock
Team Member(s): Walden Yan, Rakesh Nori
Project Goal: KeyStream is a platform for people to share subscriptions, API keys, and other real-world access tokens, starting with Netflix. We allow users to earn turn their subscriptions into assets and earn passive income by renting them out in a decentralized system and collecting a small time-based fee.
Project Website: Chrome Extension is to be released soon.
Project Details: Imagine you are a college student who wants to use Photoshop for a short project but unfortunately Adobe recently ended its program for free educational access. Or maybe you are a researcher digging through the internet for papers relevant to your work but most of them are pay-gated with monthly/annual-based pricing above what you can pay out. Or perhaps you simply want to watch the latest hit TV series but don’t want to pay for a while Netflix subscription.
KeyStream offers a way for users to access these subscription-gated resources at a discounted price since they do pay for only the time they actively use the service. It additionally allows those who do own paid subscriptions to turn them into assets that earn passive income while they don’t actively need to use them.
KeyStream consists of two components: the website and the browser extension. As a lender, you first use the extension to retrieve your Netflix authentication credentials. You then paste it onto the website, pick a borrower to lend your credentials to, and click lend. After these simple steps, you automatically earn KeyStream Credits every passing second from your customer, which can be converted into TRX in your wallet through withdrawal on the website. As a renter, you first use the website to convert your TRX into KeyStream Credits. You then open the extension and click “Rent Login” and wait for a lender to fulfill that request. Once the request is fulfilled, you can go to Netflix, refresh the website, and be logged in. Once you are done renting, you click “End rental” and will be logged out of Netflix. All interactions between the buyer and seller, such as making and fulfilling requests as well as payments, are handled through our smart contract deployed on the TRON blockchain. TRON also helps us handle the encryption of the streaming service’s authentication credentials.


Hola, me parece interesante, además favorece a las dos partes interesadas, lo encuentro muy correcto.

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Is it an academy track project by students or web3 track?

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@rnori that is a great idea for NFT with an actual use case aside from the current animal head Jpegs that seem to dominate the space.

Very interested to see this develop and how many services can be on boarded through such a platform


Any visual of the platform?

Edit: I’ve checked the website. Would be cool to add some visuals/screenshots over here as well :+1:

Very cool concept, easy to comprehend. A smart way to get some cool cash on the side from renting out ur subscription.

Which countries does this support or its global.

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Project Goal is amazing, wanna see more projects like that

I like this project.

Nice work mate
I love this

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as knowledge is more available online and paywalls become more commonplace, this does sound like a good place to start with unifying paid services