Kindao - Decentralized Fact-Check Platform built on Tron Blockchain


Project Name: kindao - Decentralized Fact-Check
Project Track: Web3, DAO
Team Name: kinDAO Team
Team Member(s): @oynozan @beycan
Project Website: kindao
HackerEarth Project Link: kindao Devpost page

Project Goal:
Our mission is simple: to help you find the truth online. We’re against misinformation spreading online, so we built kindao.

Project Details:
Kindao is a decentralized fact-check application. Fact-checkers can earn KDAO tokens by correctly verifying proposals, and proposers can access true information.

In order to start posting anything on kindao platform, you must log in with your Web3 wallet. We recommend using TronLink.

Users can create proposals. Proposals contain information you want to verify. For example, if you want to know if Earth is flat, you must create a proposal. Proposals have 3 parts:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bounty

After you enter a title for your proposal, you should start explaining your proposal. And lastly, you must enter a bounty. The currency of the bounty is the KDAO token. The top 3 users who have the most votes get the bounty. Bounty is distributed according to their upvote counts. So a higher bounty would encourage people to do more serious research on your topic of proposal.

If you want to earn KDAO tokens, you should check proposals on a regular basis, and do a wide research to gain upvotes from other users.

You can see the best users on the leaderboard page, they are sorted out by their earned KDAO token amount.

There is a profile page where you can see your own statistics. Profiles are open to everyone, so you can check out other’s profiles too. If you don’t have a profile, you can click on the top of your wallet address in the top right corner of the web page, and click on the “Create Profile” button located in the dropdown menu.

Project Value:
Instead of giving the power of true information to organizations and companies, we give it to people.

Imagine you want to know whether a statistic you see online is true or not, and want to validate it via a Fact-check website. If politicians, organizations, or firms fund this website, it may be impossible for you to know if that statistic is true.

Project Test Instructions:
kindao is built on Nile testnet. You should have a Web3 wallet, preferably TronLink, to start using the app.

First, take a look at the home page, and click on proposals. There are 5 pages you should consider checking:

  • Home Page
  • Proposal Page
  • Publish Page
  • Leaderboard
  • Profile Page

At the top right side of the website, you’ll see a “wallet connect” button. Click it and connect your preferred Web3 wallet.

Now you’re ready to publish proposals and publish facts. Click on the “Publish” button on the header, then fill out the form. Sign the transaction and it will be listed on the home page.

To publish facts, enter someone’s post and write something before you sign the message. It’ll be listed and be ready for people to vote it.

Smart Contract links:
Smart Contract

Project Milestones:
kindao is live now, and you can use it. We have future milestones to improve our project. We are thinking of a couple of updates:

  • Mainnet deployment
  • Switching to a .com or Web3 domain.
  • A Telegram and Twitter bot to track new Proposals.
  • Social Media campaign to raise awareness of the project.
  • How will Kindao prevent users from creating misleading proposals just to collect bounty rewards, even if they are ultimately voted down.

  • Elaborate on the value of the KDAO token be maintained in the long run,or Is there a risk of inflation if too many tokens are awarded for proposals.

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  1. I think you meant facts, not proposals. Because proposals don’t make you earn bounty rewards, you indeed spend KDAO to put a bounty. If your fact gets voted down by everyone, there’s no way for you to earn tokens. However we were thinking of a system, rather than giving bounties blindly to the top three people, we’re working on a smarter system with @beycan.

  2. On the mainnet, we’re gonna implement a burning, and a payback system. The market cap will not be infinite, and it will be impossible to create new tokens. So proposal bounties will have a tendency to reduce over time.

Also if your proposal doesn’t get any attention or a convincing answer, your tokens will be given back to you.

That’s what we are thinking for the near-future. But first, kindao must be deployed on a domain.

Since the validity of the information published on your platform for a fact check lies on the amount of upvotes a user received, how have you strategized to tackle the issue of manipulation, like creating of multiple accounts by a user, to get higher votes?

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Welcome to the Hackathon. It’s nice to see a platform where fact checking of information is prioritize. To ensure that the goal of this project is achieved, is there any mechanisms to verify the authenticity of the information provided in proposals before they are posted on Kindao?

Ok so fact will be based on votes. example: if i want to verify if tron is decentralized, I have to create a proposal. Then I enter a bounty, does that mean a fee. I must pay higher to encourage people. Can you please explain that part for me

Voting is recorded on the blockchain. So there’s a fee for voting in the current version, which doesn’t make sense to pay a fee for 1 upvote.

In the Mainnet, we will move upvote records from the smart contract because it is not very optimal to pay fees for upvotes. I’m planning to move voting records to a public database which will be fee-free. Only in that case the problem you say occur. And as a solution, we can have “verified accounts” who will have access to voting and answering questions. Verified accounts will have to pay a one-time-fee to be able to earn bounties.

Hi, I think you meant mechanisms to verify the authenticity of the information provided in facts, instead of proposals. The community does that, if the information is wrong, it’ll be down voted anyway. That’s how big players of Q&A websites do, which is the best way to give control to people. If there was a 3rd party to verify every information provided, it wouldn’t be decentralized.

Imagine there are 2 posts. One asks a question with a bounty of 1000 KDAO tokens, other asks a bounty of 15,000 KDAO. Naturally, people would be more encouraged to answer the one with more bounty. However it doesn’t mean no one would answer the one with 1000 tokens, because the comparison will be higher for a larger bounty, which will lead some people to focus on smaller bounties.

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, quite interesting what you’re offering here. From my read, aiming to combat misinformation by providing a decentralized platform where users can verify proposals and earn KDAO tokens for accurate contributions is a nice initiative.

Have there been any discussions or plans to address potential biases in proposal verification?

You are very welcome, please tell me do you have plans for partnership, thank you

Time will show, we’re letting users be free and say whatever they say. At the end of the day, only users will be able to choose who is the best fact-checker. It includes if answers are biased or not. Thanks for your question though!

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We’re open to any partnership and to talking about the future of Kindao. Thanks

Meaning you pay to ask questions on the platform right?

Yes, thank you for correcting that. I can see the potential for an abuse using this approach because human beings often react to emotions. In assuring that the platform is safe from abuse, what measures are you taken to prevent malicious actors from manipulating the voting mechanisms?

Yes. You can set a small bounty if you want to pay less or a bigger one to get more accurate answers. In the future, maybe we can make bounties optional, for the current prototype bounties are mandatory.

Abuse is everywhere, but we have a great approach to prevent that. I explained here:

As a summary, people wouldn’t pay fees for spam voting, and wouldn’t dare to do spam voting with their verified accounts in the other case.

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Hi! Do you have any plans to moderate new proposals? There’s a chance they could be flooded with bot spam.

Every action requires a sign that will be recorded on a smart contract, which means there’s a fee. It forces people to only take action when they must since they need to pay. Spam is very unlikely to be an issue when we deploy kindao on Mainnet.

Mmmm OK, so aside getting answers to your question what other benefits will one gets on your platform. Talking about those who will ask questions. This is a pay to ask question and answer to earn right lol