Looking Forward to the Future of Innovation at TronDAO Hackathons

Hey everyone,

As this season of the TronDAO Hackathon comes to a close and moves to the last phase, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible talent and innovation we’ve seen throughout the competition. It’s truly inspiring to witness the dedication and creativity from so many participants, all working towards advancing the Tron ecosystem.

While some teams have decided to withdraw and prepare for the next hackathon season, I believe this presents a unique opportunity for other emerging talents to shine. It’s exciting to think about the new ideas and fresh perspectives that will come to the forefront as we move forward.

I encourage everyone to stay committed to originality and integrity in their projects. Let’s continue to foster an environment where genuine innovation thrives and where every participant can feel proud of their contributions.

Looking forward to seeing even more groundbreaking projects in the next season!



It’s a bitter sweet feeling that this season is already wrapping up. I was privileged to engage with some amazing projects and amazing individuals here on the forum.

I also had the change to learn a lot too. Looking forward to see the wonders that would come in the new season.


Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment.
The TronDAO Hackathon has been an incredible platform for showcasing the talent and innovation within the Tron ecosystem. It’s inspiring to see so many participants pushing the boundaries and coming up with unique and impactful projects.

As the competition moves into its final phase, it’s important to continue nurturing a culture of originality and integrity. By upholding these values, we can ensure that the projects developed through the hackathon are truly transformative and beneficial to the Tron community.

I’m excited to see what the next season of the hackathon will bring, and I have no doubt that the emerging talents will continue to dazzle us with their creativity and ingenuity.
Here’s to a future filled with even more groundbreaking projects and advancements in the Tron ecosystem.


Well spoken sir, it’s really educating be in this forum which got me learn so much about everything which I love so much. This season has been filled with amazing projects, showcasing the potential of the tron ecosystem. Well it sad to see some teams go, it opens the door for new talents to rise. I can’t wait to see the innovative ideas that emerge in the next season.

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