[MAINNET ON 🚀] STAR-EX a cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-dimension, cross-gameFi


Hello everyone, you can now purchase our 1st NFT in BTTC mainnet while waiting our whitelist release.

check this out: https://starex.app/product/1

Feel free to purchase this, only 1 million dollar BTT which less than a dollar

and we are on making a comic art + video tutorial soon on getting BTT


Happy to know about the release of your NFT on BTTC network. I will get some for myself within the next hours. Keep up with the building spirit :muscle:

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Currently we are preparing the comic ART
we want to create fanbase through monthly episode from our story.
even though we havent done the shill and marketing stuff yet.
but we also want organic growth and can bring more web2 user

These are the 1st page, the artist trying to recap based on the concept director.
so it will be awesome and within 2months could create anticipation for each episode (weekly)

and that’s the NFT ship from here:

so all the NFTs that we release on each ACT/Episde have its own story and reason in our LORE STORY. As well as every object or terrain will be in our game.

We are not just a game, but ENTERTAINMENT


Here’s June Progress:

Beside mainnet deployment for https://starex.app/shop
ATOMIC SHOP = 0x3FE8260E54606d5800fa6eeFa0C02C0955075262
LOTTERY-TICKET 721 = 0x590DFf35fB9e23740f64b2f85aD9005bd156e282
STARSHIP-NFT >> TBD following schedule after WL phase as it will hve incremental price
and verified :white_check_mark: obviously

We’re currently cooking some of demo with newly mode terrain.
btw how to share the video here? :sweat:

This project mainly have 3 progress:

  • A. engagement progress → social, community
  • B. game-development progress → mechanic multiplayer, bugs, score, etc
  • C. ecosystem progress → related to blockchain + frontend + backend, the crafting system, balancing tier.

but now will add 1 more category

  • D. lore Art story → which will separate the fanbase and slightly involved in engagement actually but has different progress

In this current month, our priority was:

  1. A
  2. C
  3. B

next month’s priority in order → B, D, A, C

So yeah, on next month, game-development will be our first as I’m back to take the lead on game-development again and our game-dev juniors also finally able to follow some of new task even though it’s slow progress and it’s also making overall progress slower too but it should be okay. Some of update mechanic and bug finally been solved. As newly division team, we are learning together from unity prototype series too.

Although I did work everything alone previously, but my base skill was 3D-dev and blockchain dev, so some of the mechanic isn’t really correctly implemented and we need to rework some of code, as I did mistakenly implement the camera system without torque and disturb the control mechanic.

I cannot wait to show our massive new game update, we want to show it publicly with our new uiux too. it should be within 2-3weeks for a final clean. We had some new vfx in the game, boss mode prototype, and a better challenge.
and if we’re able to secure the fund and no late, we could hve a new FE dev to help for our production’s plan. Since we’re going to create minting-war first between network-chain while waiting for some of the game’s bug


Share the video link here.

Hello @dellwatson , I could not find the download for the game demo, store looks good, I just purchased the 1M NFT :slight_smile: .
Hopefully you can upload some kind of playable demo to show us!

Thank you!

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hi, you don’t need to download it.
it’s a browser game using webGPU

you can just go through https://demo.starex.app a free to play,
if it’s v2.11 then it already has multiple zone terrain

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Hello July,

At first We want to surprise you with something cool but turns out it’s still gonna take time, since we want to release it after our upcoming comic art story to educate the project through the story, as well as the purpose of each NFTs, and our world-building but there’s problem with our artist too. So i need to do extra learning by myself to finalise the story art, bcause we hve no fund to hire more people. (all prizes were delayed too)

STAR-EX has many tasks to do for next even after our BTT mainnet launched last month, and these are what we’re working on right now:


  • v3 uiux → more intuitive and futuristic. This is our biggest update, since we redesign some of structure and need a lot of re-code, but you will see it will be awwwards worthy.
  • At the end of July, you should be able to see the change in Welcome and Lobby first.
  • Aug Sept. v3 UI should’ve reach the Leaderboard, Profiles, Better Inventory, Better Zone Modes, Staking Resources, etc.


  • New Challenges (finalising, expcted: end-of July)
  • New Terrain (finalising, expcted: end-of July)
  • New control update - TBD
  • Arena Mode - TBD delay ( due to delayed-fund, as this will be handled by our senior dev )
  • Multiplayer - TBD delay


  • TRON mainnet-SHIP NFTs (2nd/3rd week of July) - might delay
  • Token boundary for ZONE NFT - TBD
  • STORY-ART ( this will become NFT too) - huge delay
  • cross-crafting for interoperability with other chains → prototype done
  • New Minting Wars for mainnet (expected start: mid-Aug) - to synergize with other chains

New UIUX v3 on making, expected 30% will be done in this end of july. So you will witness a futuristic design in our browser-game.

sneak peak welcome page (it supposed to have sfx)

sneak peak concepts