Mobula by Mobula Labs - The Multi-chain Decentralized Data Aggregator (Imagine CoinMarketCap x DEXT Tools, owned by you)

Project Name: Mobula

Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Abyss
Team Member(s): 7 team member:

@kangafx : Product designer
@Veeno : Front-end dev
@ac57100 : Back-end + Crypto dev
@Julian : growth & product management
@christianogb : support & copywriting
@LAmator : ops & marketing
@NBMSacha : front+back+crypto dev, product management

DevPost URL: Mobula | Devpost

Project Goal: Simplify the life of crypto enthusiasts & improve decentralization of the data aggregation space.

Project Info: Mobula’s app is a seamless & frictionless multi-chain data platform, allowing crypto enthusiasts to analyze and track their multi-chain assets with real time on-chain metrics powered by decentralized multi-chain APIs (built in-house). It has the vision of a crypto aggregator with the technical power of a DeFi aggregator, to reduce onboarding friction (for example, your portfolio is scraped via your public trades history found directly on-chain, while on a crypto aggregator you would need to set it up manually). Basically, you can imagine a merge between CoinMarketCap and DEXT Tools : ranks, but live stream of buys & sells. Easy-to-use portfolio, but automated & multi-chain. On top of that, the whole project is powered by MOBL, the ecosystem token, that gives users governance right & profit sharing on Mobula.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: No need test instructions, our product is pretty easy to use :slight_smile: you can navigate to your wallet analysis, the pro mode, etc. Maybe start on Learn and Earn crypto everyday by using crypto - Mobula and complete the adventures, it’s a good onboarding.

Project Details:

Demo video: Mobula | Demo on Vimeo
Mobula Bot demo: Mobula bot video.mp4 on Vimeo

Some stats:
Traffic growth:

Users growth: average growth of 100% per week for +3month
User retention: 5 times better than all competitors:

  • Visits time: 15m on Mobula (4m on CoinGecko, 4m on CoinMarketCap)
  • Pages per visit: 15 on Mobula (2.8 on CoinGecko, 2.5 on CoinMarketCap)
  • Bounce rate : 27% on Mobula (57% on CoinGecko, 58 on CoinMarketCap)

Source: similarweb

Project Milestones:
:white_check_mark: Building the first auto on-chain community engagement system and distributing it to 300+ Telegram & Discord communities (300k total users) with $0 marketing budget
:white_check_mark: Building the first (and only yet) place to see live all on-chain Bitcoin (but also any other multi-chain, or solo-chain asset) trading activity.
:white_check_mark: Building the first (and only yet) user incentive system redistributing profit to early users, generating 50-60% of our retention
:white_check_mark: Building from scratch a multi-chain alternative to The Graph to power the app
:white_check_mark: Building the first (and only yet) CoinMarketCap-like platform powered by a DAO (decentralized DYOR system)
:white_check_mark: Integrating BTTC to Mobula’s engagement system (asked by our partners JM, winners of the last season hackathon)
:ballot_box_with_check: Integrating TRON to Mobula’s data aggregation system for TRC20 tokens to be able to be listed on the platform
:ballot_box_with_check: Releasing v1 on the platform

Feel free to ask anything under this post! The team is here to reply. Thanks!!

MOBL contracts:

:purple_circle: Polygon : 0x5FeF39b578DeEefa4485A7E5944c7691677d5dd4

:small_orange_diamond: Binance Smart Chain : 0x33b3a50c766Dd3e61b1e90b251390e7C28AeFb7C

:small_red_triangle: Avalanche : 0xaE85d5aA526b1ECC5e90E466CbD2bdeC22c606Ff

Update - 1 month later

  • Community: Thanks A LOT for your support! We’re #1 in engagement on the whole forum.
  • Metrics: We reached the 200,000 unique monthly visitors cap! It’s 130,000 more than what we had at the moment we wrote this post
  • Product: we fixed most of the bugs of the platform, and are everyday closer to a V1. We’re currently integrating others Protocols, and the support for the non-EVM blockchain is imminent… we also integrated BTTC to the Mobula bot!: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thanks a lot, Mobula x TRON community!


Mobula is the best with a very supportive team. Its gonna be massive.


Mobula is going to change the game! It has already changed my outlook on the DEFI space

Respect and love to the team :heart:


Mobula is one of the best Web3 decentralized data aggregator that I’ve interacted with very well.Dao team very active, accommodating and also helpful

This is a project am giving my whole


Thanks for your support!!


Thanks a lot Jord :slight_smile:


We’re building it together :slight_smile:


Changing the space as we know it!

Decentralising & democratising at its finest.


This is Mobula era :wink:


It will stay for long!


Waoo @mobulafi I love the project with a great bot they got


:grin::+1: thanks a lot for your support.


Thanks Mark!!! Always here to push Mobula.


With the recent traffic witnessed on all mobula socials, the community is growing at a very fast rate.
Join in, it hasn’t launched yet. No regrets so far.


This is one of the best upcoming projects…
The rate at which the team is working to make this project a success is very attracting


Thanks a lot mate! See you in the chat :wink:


Mobula-the best things coming


My man Ando!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the support.


It’s great to be a member of Mobula


Great idea, it is about time somebody makes a deecentralized version of CMC & CG :innocent: