Music Lovers Gather Around!

So you can generate NFTs with music. I don’t know much about music but what do you guys think ? Let me know. They have a good UI and their generative art is impressive I think this is an Awesome. Feel free to share you opinions.


Hoia, parece un proyecto interesante diferente a los que se han presentado del mismo tema, la conjunción de arte + música, puede generar un NFT de gran belleza, ya que la música como tal no ruido es un arte.


Is possible to generate NFT with music


@Fortunate Hello, according to them it is possible to generate NFT with music. You can visit their website to know more about this.

We appreciate you noticed our project and liked it. Thanks for bringing all music lovers to the same channel. We would love to hear the thoughts of every music lover and artist.

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Yes, it is very much possible. You can check out the live website and see how music can be combined with generative art.

Here is the demo of music with art. If you like it check out the live website and share your thought on how we can improve it and how much you liked it. Thanks in advance.


Agradecemos que te guste la idea del proyecto. La música es un arte tan hermoso y cuando se combina con otro arte se verá fascinante. Puede consultar el sitio web en vivo y compartir sus pensamientos.

Play music and mint nft? Wow this is really going to be cool. I love music


I really like something like this


It is super cool,nft from music


@Anikulapo @Xteemshara @Jennifer234, Great to know you are also into music :notes: as I am. Hope you liked the project as well. Let us know your feedback if you have already visited it. Thank you :+1:.

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Music is cool… It makes head cool as :mending_heart::mending_heart::mending_heart::mending_heart:

@antonio @Fortunate @Anikulapo @Jennifer234 @Xteemshara

Hello guys. We really appreciate your support. If you liked the project concept, Kindly consider us for voting. It really means a lot.

Thanks for the support.

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Hola, han realizado un gran trabajo, una aplicación muy nitida y completa.

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Agradecemos que te haya gustado el diseño. Gracias por el apoyo.

Sure, let us know your feedback after you try it.