NoleCoin - The movement

Time to #signup the Nolians for the TRON hackathon DAO!

We are happy to join the forum and explain our project to the Tron Hackaton DAO team

Project Name: NoleCoin

Project Track: NFT, DEFI & Philanthropy

Team Name: The Nolians

Team Members: 8

Project Goal: Better the world with philanthropic activities using the blockchain as well as building epic products for our community to enjoy

About the Founder:

I Kevin come from Amsterdam and have been building the NOLE project with the Nolians since 2018, I had several companies but decided in 2018 to start entrepreneurship on the blockchain, starting with charities around the world, building up the first community members, the first products on the market, learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts and our first success was achieved on the TRON blockchain thanks to our strong community who have shown a lot of commitment in recent years to put NOLE on the map!

Milestones on the TRON chain

We are joining the Hackaton with our NoleLegends DApp!

An NFT DApp NoleLegends+ that launched one of the very first NFTS in the TRON scene :rocket:

more info:

BETA: (Login with Tronlink)

Gameplay footage: Evolving your Legend with NoleLegends! - YouTube

The following modules of the NoleLegends game are live and working currently:

Planting and watering :white_check_mark:

Harvesting fruits :white_check_mark:

Life ( if watered once in 72hrs ) - Unlimited :white_check_mark:

Sell harvested fruits :white_check_mark:

Trade unplanted legends :white_check_mark:

Transfer unplanted legends :white_check_mark:

Minting :white_check_mark:

Decorations :white_check_mark:

Not Live yet:

Spells :x:

We’ve done charity work all over the world donating TRX to the people in need

Video: NoleCoin The movement - YouTube

We see this as a great opportunity to show our project to the world as well as participate in the bounty that the hackathon is offering us!

NoleCoin community:

NoleCoin has:

:white_check_mark: A VIP Core supporter room of 400+ supporters, investors, philanthropists projects, and more

:white_check_mark: An Inner Circle community of 20 + Nolians helping us build the project

:white_check_mark: Several real-life use cases such as nolecrafts and our merchandise line where you can pay with our currency to obtain products.

:white_check_mark: A decentralized community where everyone is involved in project decision-making with votes in the chats.

:white_check_mark: Our community is supporting our trading, our NFTs, our products as well as creating opportunities for the project. Our power is in the decentralized community that we have that is working hard every day to put ourselves on the map

Feel free to join us for a chat on telegram or discord



Hackaton tweet

We wish all the participants good luck! Time to #signup the Nolians for the TRON hackathon DAO!


Kudos for choosing the different and difficult path to combine NFTs with DeFi and GameFi on TRON Blockchain! Look forward to see further progress :+1::+1:


Thanks to this project I discovered the world of tron blockchain. Nole project is in constant progress and full of exciting new ideas.


Indeed … NOLE has taught me the ‘never give up spirit’


Nolecoin, NoleWater, NoleLegends, Charity, Tron, BSC… Nole has it all !!
Check the website and see it for yourself !!


Great to see you as participants in the Hackathon as well Nolians. We are big fans of your work for the TRON community


Nole community is strong on its Roadmap and execution :white_check_mark:
I personally love all its Tokens $Nole $NpleWater #NETH #NLCR amazing :heart_eyes:

#NoleWorldwide2022 lets go :fire:


Nole, NLCR and NoleWater are the 3 tokens of the NoleCoin ecosystem :star_struck: a solid team, a serious project everything is on


NoleCoin has been a player in the TRON ecosystem for quite some time now. I am happy that I joined the community and I like the NoleLegends game a lot. The NoleLegends NFTs were amongst the first NFTs on TRON.
TRON is a great place for NFTs as it gives the option to have free transactions when freezing TRX.

I hope NoleCoin can continue working on the NoleLegends game and add some long-awaited features.


How do you plan on marketing Nole Legends and acquiring users?
Is it accessible on mobile?


As per the updates in the telegram channel :

The following modules of NoleLegends game are live and working currently:

Planting and watering :white_check_mark:

Harvesting fruits :white_check_mark:

Life ( if watered once in 72hrs ) - Unlimited :white_check_mark:

Sell harvested fruits :white_check_mark:

Trade unplanted legends :white_check_mark:

Transfer unplanted legends :white_check_mark:

Minting :white_check_mark:

Decorations :white_check_mark:

Not Live yet:

Spells :x:

It works on laptop / desktop for now !
The team plans to start marketing once the remaining modules are developed


Hi @Chevkev
Welcome to the TRON DAO Forum and good to see you already have some crafts and merchandise setup.
We have a couple of questions that may help the community understand your project better so kindly get back to us when you have a chance.

  1. Can you list out the milestones of the NoleLegends game, i.e, what can the users expect within the next 2 months, mid of the year, and end of the year?

  2. What are the unique features of NoleLegends as a blockchain game?

  3. How does the NoleWater token work in the NoleLegends game? Please explain the main goal of the game.

  1. Can users interact with one another in the game or is it more of a single-player game?

Hey TronLive!

Thank you for checking out the NoleLegends Dapp We give you a warm welcome to our virtual world and now answer any questions that you have related to our Hackathon application.

We are excited to have this chance and let’s provide you with any information that you need to understand our latest project: NoleLegends

1. Can you list out the milestones of the NoleLegends game, i.e, what can the users expect within the next 2 months, mid of the year, and end of the year?

Our Milestones of the NoleLegends game

We were one of the first creators that implemented Tron NFTS date: 2021-04-14 11:35:36 (UTC)

  • We created our own TRON node to run the NoleLegends game smoothly

  • Our game is community-owned and maintained by the community

  • Our goal this year is to finish the remaining aspects of the game that we mentioned in the whitepaper, With the hackathon this year we can make it possible!

Feel free to check out the whitepaper:

The following updates we have on the planning this year

Achievements (a feature that we want to add)

Goals (achievements) set by the game that players can try to reach to earn experience points. Currently, there is a total of 30 different types of achievements we want to have implemented, each able to be completed to the 3rd level, making 90 total achievements. As the game updates, more achievements will be added, we want to implement the achievement system in the short term to create new fun things to do for our players as well as reward them.

Rewards (Loot boxes) (a feature that we want to add)

Loot Boxes will drop loot boxes randomly as gifts to their owners after level-ups. Loot boxes may contain various types of coins (TRX, NOLE, BTT, AMSK …) which depends on the average level of all legends in NoleVille. Completing achievements will be another way to earn loot boxes.

There will be five types of loot boxes in the game: • Wooden Loot BoxMystery Wooden Loot BoxSilver Loot BoxMystery Silver Loot BoxGolden Loot Box

Spells: (a feature that we want to add)

Spells are magical liquids built from NoleWater intended to trigger a magical effect affecting your gameplay. We want to have 4 kinds of spells available in the Amordad shop. Spells will be unlocked at level 30 and can be bought with NoleWater. Purchasing and using each spell gives some XP for the Player.

Life spell: can be used to increase the strength of the legend, or to cure legends who are suffering from a poison spell that a rival has cast on your village. It also can be used to cure withered saplings. •

Speed spell: cast this spell on your legends to increase their leveling up and productivity.

Respawn spell: legends have a limited life span. Using this magic formula, they can respawn again and live longer. The effect of this spell varies in different classes as described above.

Poison spell: you may purchase this spell and send it to your rivals’ village to affect their legends! This feature will be available in the PVP state which is explained in the roadmap section.

These updates are the remaining updates for us to launch the game officially. Right now the game is still in BETA and we hope to win the hackathon to make these updates a reality.

2. What are the unique features of NoleLegends as a blockchain game?

What makes NoleLegends Unique is that all the NFTS in the game have 5-6 stages where you can evolve them to loot bigger rewards, This is also why the development took longer than expected. We have 6 legends that you can evolve and start an income with plus added 6 baby legends to keep the threshold low for the game (Cheaper legends) so everyone can come and play with us. We have seen a lot of NFTs in the market but they are fairly great art, but they have no use case and you can’t use them to benefit yourself. We wanted to make a change with NoleLegends is that players can influence their rewards by their efforts in the game, evolve their NFTs, and start a journey with them, Players can also trade their NFTS on the TRON markets and mint NFTS in the game.

Our legends also have a storyline that we want to extend and visualize, Thinking of a cartoon for the legends in the future and relationship gifts like dolls and more!

Feel free to check out the legend lore:


For ages, the Mountain Villains plotted to scour all life from Noleville, To this end, Lord Omari possessed the Human area and the Tree area in his power. Omari’s servants among NoleVille plotted together to corrupt NoleVille and destroy the peaceful Tree Faction. After the Fall of the Humans, some humans Betrayed there faction and started to live with the mountain villains while all the trees and the rest of the Humans where eliminated.

Amordad aided by Tall-Friendly Giant rebuild NoleVille until 3000 Years After Omari’s attack. Our Lady forged rare seeds that would recreate and blow new life into the world of NoleVille. Amordad Created different kinds of Trees to blow life back into NoleVille and created 5 Legend seeds that she planted after the war. a world full of beauty, kindness, and life. Yet the very life force of this world keeps being threatened and the land of NoleVille is at risk. The forest cries for its fallen brethren and is ready to join forces with the Legends of the land to save Tron and keep peace within NoleVille. Brave Humans Like John O’Connor, Matty, Mattys older brother Prillteo Stayed in the Human faction to rebuild their faction. Omari Tried to Let them surrender but they Managed to escape and stay in the human area. Together with the Keysmaster, they created a Forge to make sure they were protected for any future attacks. After the Attacks, they had an Enemy called Guyver which later became there best friend and allied in the human area. Mischa The sorcerer, Hennie, and H33dshoot Later joined forces in rebuilding NoleVille. These human faction members brewed a large amount of NoleWater and created wells to support the rebuild of NoleVille.

You will be starting off your journey with 1 of the 6 legends available.

This is where our story begins. Which Treefolk will you merge with? How will your legend unfold? will you have what it takes?

All the legends below will be evolvable into your favorite legend of choice depending on the care and effort the player is giving to it.

In the lore we featured VIP members and Nolians that are supporting the game and they will be found back in the storyline aswell in future NFTS!

1. How does the NoleWater token work in the NoleLegends game? Please explain the main goal of the game.

Of course! NoleWater is the native token of the NoleLegends game, Players can earn NoleWater by holding 100 + NoleCoin in their wallet, or mine NoleWater every hour in the game, we added this feature so all our players can earn a passive income while they are feeding and looting their legends.

NoleWater is the engine of the NoleLegends game and players will need it to progress through the game as well as evolve their legends. It is also at the same time our dividend currency for all the NoleCoin holders, to earn free gaming tokens for their holdings.

The main goal of the game is to reward players for their efforts and give ownership to our players. Players can grow in their own owned land, decorate their village, show it off to their friends, and create an income of NoleWater on a daily basis by their NoleLegends NFT inventory.

For the community, by the community

At the same time, all players will contribute to a charitable cause, We recently started to support Ukraine in the tragic event that happened and if we manage to do the official launch this year we will dedicate a % of the game income to a charity of choice from the community.

1. Can users interact with one another in the game or is it more of a single-player game?

Yes! Users can interact with each other by using the visit village feature in the game, we created this so every Nolian can show off their village to a fellow player! at any time of the day a Nolian can take a look at the progress of their fellow legend, As the game proceeds, we are thinking of more features to implement so users can interact with each other, We will host weekly Community sessions to see what our community desires and make it happen.

We also recently added a chat where players can discuss tactics and meet up in the NoleLegends game, Feel free to use the chat option in the right menu when you log in.

This year we will sit with our community and listen to what they want, eventually, it is the plan that our players can compete for rewards, get rewarded for having the best village in Nolelegends and get rewarded based on more things than looting NoleWater from their NFTs.

Tron Live, we want to thank you for your interest and support towards our DApp, we hope we explained everything you need to know.

We are excited about this year’s Hackathon event and the community is excited to see who is going to be the winner.

If you have any questions left feel free to always ask us and as we always say


NoleCoin the movement

Discord: Nole Community

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NoleCoin



Merch: NOLECOIN | Merge&ice



News: Nole – Medium

Facebook: Nole Cryptocurrency | Facebook




With the planting , watering , harvesting , decorations, chat , visit village features the NFTs of NoleLegends already have a great usecase !
Look forward to faster development and implementation of utilities mentioned in the roadmap!
If done well it could be one of the flagship dapps on TRON :+1::white_check_mark:


NoleLegends is a web-based game with blockchain features. The game is perfectly playable on a high end smartphone. The game can be played perfectly with tronlink dappbrowser as long as your smartphone supports it. In the future, the developers will release a smartphone light version.


saw the youtube video is this unity based ?


nolecoin a fantastic gamefi project with nft. ability to create your own legends, trade and sell them


Indeed Nolecoin and the ecosystem at large is the best project so far
Kudos to the benefactors and benefactress :tada::sparkling_heart:
Our official website
#Nolecoin #NLCR #NoleWater #Charity #NFT


Nolelegend is a great game and which also allows you to have nft🤩 go see and all the information of the Nole universe on :+1:


Good job guys, Nolelegend deserves attentions :slight_smile: