Octan Network: Reputation Ranking & data analytics platform for Web3 space

Project Name: Octan Network
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Octan Labs
Team Member(s): 7+
DevPost URL: OctanNetwork | Devpost

Project Goal: Octan is building a novel, innovative Reputation Ranking System (RRS) & Proof of Reputation for Web3 apps & users across multiple blockchains. RRS mainly uses PageRank to compute account reputation & credit scores to be included in Octan soulbound tokens. RRS is the CORE engine to build an open Web3-data analytics platform.

Project Info:

OCTAN pitchdeck.pdf (5.2 MB)
Octan’s pitchdeck on Google Drive
Octan’s gitbook

Project Website: https://octan.network/

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Project Details:

Three problems in crypto space.

DeFi, NFT assets, Gamefi, Socialfi, and Metaverse are all fast-growing industries, but

  • User data are scattered on many chains, which leads to difficulties in tracking & analyzing;
  • It is impossible to define & calculate a universal reputation for users;
    => There is a need for a unified data pool and a user reputation ranking system operating on multiple blockchains.

DAO governance is purely based on staking model (credit for stakeholders only)

  • Stake centrality is potential harm to decentralization & community-democracy;

  • NO recognition mechanism for users & contributors;
    => Recognition of all stakeholders, users, and contributors must combine both staking & reputation.

  • Impossible to deploy non-collateral lending in DeFi space;
    => A credit scoring system in crypto space must be developed.

Inspired by PageRank, aka trillion-algorithm made-up Google’s success, Octan Labs wants to build a similar system in Web3 space, computing reputation & ranking scores of accounts within transaction graphs. Octan solutions for the mentioned problems are:

  • Reputation Ranking System as the CORE engine to compute reputation scores & rankings which are carried by Soulbound token associated with DID across chains & Dapps;
  • Proof of Reputation as a special oracle service to feed reputation & credit information;
  • Data Lake to collect on-chain transactions from multiple chains & Web2 data, then provide APIs for analysts to mine & visualize subgraphs (Dapps, communities) according to various purposes.

Octan mission is to fuel and foster Web3 applications and their mass adoption. We envision an ecosystem centering around Reputation Ranking System (abbreviation: RRS).

  • Reputation Ranking System is the Octan’s CORE engine, novel innovation, 1st of its kind in Blockchain space. RRS utilizes PageRank and mathematical ranking algorithms to quantify reputation scores of users and applications in the Web3 space.
  • Open Data Analytics platform, built on top of RRS. provides GraphQL APIs and computing infra for researchers and analysts to mine visualize subgraphs, to compute reputation score ranking board of specific communities and/or individuals.
  • Octan 1ID utilizes Soulbound token to carry reputation score, enabling users to self-manage their identity & social profile seamlessly on multiple chains.
  • Octan Network is an application-specific blockchain (aka appchain) powered by Proof of Reputation, operating as an oracle network, feeding reputation and credit scores on multiple chains.

Project Milestones: Provide a brief progress outline of when users can expect what during the hackathon period

  • In November 2022: release SBT webapp (MVP) on BTTC to allow users making up their profile and minting their SBTs.
  • In December 2022: Prototype of Reputation Ranking System and Web3 analytics platform.

Updates on 28 Nov 2022:
Demo for Octan 1ID & Soulbound & reputation ranking board (ranking on mainnets: BSC, Tron, BTTC, Aurora, Polygon, Ethereum and Near)

Octan Labs releases an MVP for our Web3 data analytics platform. If you wanna try, login by username: octan /pass: octan

Intro & demo video OCTAN NETWORK - Reputation Ranking & Soulbound for Web3 - YouTube



What a nice write :writing_hand: up


A captivating write up, keep it up. Great :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


It is not just about the write up. The project is a really interesting one. They have great attributes that will benefit the crypto space in general


what a nice project. nice writeup :+1:


This is a nice project, just looking at the writeup


Vitalik and his co-authors discussed the Soulbound tokens (SBTs) in a blog post in January of this year. Check this one: Soulbound

Octan Labs is a team dedicated to building SBTs and create decentralized identity for Web3 users.

Stay with us to get more news about SBTs, reputation score and product updates from Octan Labs. :rocket:


Mere looking at the writeup, this is a good project.


Octan’s soulbound token contract (beta-MVP) is deployed on BTTC mainnet:

Please stay tuned for Octan’s SBT minting site to be released.


every chain i have 1 Octan sbt, is there any way to manage them in 1 feature?


Octan develops Octan 1D account as a onestop station, in the future you can manage all sbt of wallets on each of these chains as long as you confirm that you own them. That’s how Octan builds a DID based on reputation&sbt


@St3f44n have a look at this


Not regarding about SBT, what is Octan’s long-term product orientation?

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What are the benefits of Octan products for retail investors?


How is reputation score calculated?


we will announce tokenomics for Octan Network next time. Please stay tuned. Thanks


roughly speaking, Octan Reputation Ranking System utilizes mathematical ranking algorithms (e.g. Google PageRank) to compute reputation scores from onchain transactions


Reading through, this project is worthwhile and should not be taken slight but instead into a move


Octan 1ID & Soulbound & reputation ranking board demo


Will reputation score disappear if I stop using the wallet?