OnChain Vision - Open your EYES on chain world

We have some heavy development under work as per right now. :construction_worker_man:
Even if the project was not a winner in this season we are still planning ahead and continuously developing the project. The end result is the key here and the plan here is to create something that people will gladly pay for it. Our work will not end even if this hackathon comes to an end (I am talking about the current season).

I know that VISION sometimes is a complicated concept and it cannot be completed until you get to render all the details that you could build upon it.

I wanted to say that so you could fallow closely this project even after the hackathon end. As this is the beginning the opportunities for YOU as first users can be HUGE

Fill out the form and be part of the first users to benefit just leave you address https://forms.gle/CB5GiLsQfh1NkUUHA and we will do the rest. The list which will have up to 200 forum users will be included into the FOUNDERS a special user that will have unique opportunities (details added later)

Up to then I am inviting you to check current version 4 on Play Store → https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onchainvision.onchainvision and stay tune for updates.

V5 is planned to be release by June 1.


We successfully tested a signing request in WalletConnect now next step is to finish brodcasting the transaction.


Thanks for the update. This is a great achievement. Cant wait for how it all unfolds

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Gracias por la información y el logro, sigue adelante.

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Guys - first ever broadcasted transaction using OnchainVision App

This is sent from the mobile app using the wallet https://react-wallet.walletconnect.com/walletconnect

Steps we use to broadcast the transaction:

  1. Query the contract using TronGrid GetContract
  2. Parse the Contract Read the functions
  3. TriggersSmartContract Using TronGrid TriggerSmartContract
  4. Sign the Transaction using https://react-wallet.walletconnect.com/walletconnect their (WalletConnect) mockup wallet
  5. Broadcast the transaction BroadcastTransaction

A big shout as this is a great achievement!

Do not forget about https://forms.gle/CB5GiLsQfh1NkUUHA and obtain a whitelisted benefit.



Congratulations for this achievement ! Good luck for more !

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And ofcourse the first successful transaction TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器


congratulations Mate
Keep building

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Congratulations for achieving this great milestones :handshake:

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Felicidades, por ir consiguiendo objetivos

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As promised whitelisted addresses will have unlimited access on OnChainVision

We deploy the SmartContracts that will withhold all the addresses:

  1. Tron Shasta → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  2. Tron Mainnet → TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
    Contracts are publish and verify !

@antonio @Gordian your addreses have been whitelisted :confetti_ball:
@saadabban76 please provide a TRON address

For all the rest do not forget that you can whitelist you address by offering your address: https://forms.gle/CB5GiLsQfh1NkUUHA (ONLY 200 Addresses)

Thank you!!


Gracias, esta es una buena noticia

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Thanks for the opportunity.
Do I write you in DM

I just filled the form

All the best


Thanks mate :heart:, i have dm you my address :handshake:

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If you filled the form than everything it’s good I will do the rest :blush:. But if you have any questions I am open.

Thank you :heart:


Now Trust Wallet support WalletConnect v2 the ideea is that they are still having some issue but newer versions will fix them. Up to then work on OnChain Vision app will improved.

We are a little bit ahead of time technically speaking but meanwhile while they are caching with us we improve the interface.

Thanks for all your support!
Stay tuned!


Thanks for the update

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Perfecto has realizado un gran trabajo, la compatibilidad de Trust Wallet con WalletConnect v2, es muy bueno ya que permite interactuar de una manera sencilla. Felicidades

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I wanted to share a little bit the milestone vision in this project.

As announce before now you can sign transaction from any contract(not only interogate them). We are working to provide full integration with Trust Wallet (a few issues to solve) up to the next release for user convinience (I saw that many of you were reluctant to try the app so far)

Apart from that we are working at a feature so every tine a user will have too little energy for a transaction to have the possibility to rent energy directly within the app(direct call to the contract) as I saw a lot of issue with the fact that many user do not know you can rent energy at a fraction of the cost.

This is a lot of planning. I will try to reserve some time in order to prepare a roadmap for you guys you have a better understanding of what is the features in progress.

Nevertheless a lot of work so far and a lot of milestones were reach:

  1. WalletConnect module conectivity
  2. Take the account from Wallet Connect
  3. Interogate TronGrid:
    3.1 for account
    3.2 for token balances
    3.3 for transactions
    3.4 query contracts
  4. 5 query contracts methods
  5. Parse contracts in a readable way
  6. Sign transactions
  7. Add new smart contracts in a dynamical way

Things on the list to do:
I. App improvement

  1. Add a way to add contracts to favorite
  2. Add categories if contracts and separate contracts from each other
  3. Fully integrate with TrustWallet
  4. Better UI - community involvement
  5. Rent energy feature - possibility to do that we payed for all the users transactions
  6. Paywall feature (aside from whitelisted addresses all ) - this will be on a monthly bases . Possibly two plans 1 with all the transactions paid by OnChain Vision and 2 with the transaction fees paid by the user but with the posibility of renting energy within the app.

II. Create a server to:

  1. Check all the addresses that are connected to the app and their token balances fir easy accessibility
  2. Each time a user adds a new contract save that for general trusting in the contract
  3. Each time a new contract is added at favorite save that as an element of trust
  4. Track each transaction made by the users through OnChain Vision app for trustability
  5. Data querying regarding possible scams and flags wheb users do transactions on that smart contracts

That will be the short version.
I will need the community help for sharing as I think at a way that the whitelisted addresses to have the possibility to earn some money while sharing our app but this would be at a later date.
Thanks a lot guys!


Buen planteamiento, aquí estamos para lo que necesites.

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