OnChain Vision - Part II

Hi @WindsOfChange92,
I want to point out that we are NOT developing a wallet the entire app is a mobile dApp. You could connect on our app with you wallet, which must support WalletConnect v2 and TRON network, such as TrustWallet.

Up to the point we are going to gain a bit of traction, we will promote by “burning cash” meaning we will create a small community (we already started on Discord 80+ people already joined), we will give away TRX to users in order to do some task (such as downloading the app, going over the charts, doing exchanges, later on payments through NFC, so on), doing basically user acquisition, after gaining some user base a small one (under 100 active will be best for easy management) we will go in full mode with affiliate marketing, as I see it the best way of doing marketing. Meaning from monthly payments will be collected from users a part of it will go to the person that recommended our product. We even prepare the server (api.onchainvision.xyz for that see more at the post: OnChain Vision - Part II - #38 by constantinpricope201) for that.

Usually, the design depends on the data which you want to show to the users. The data must be collected or processed beforehand. We focus so far on creating the MVP exchange aggregator, charts on every pair. But with over 1500+ pairs collected (only sunswap v2 has over 1000+ pairs and most of them have low volume), you must select which pair will be shown first in the way that will be relevant for the user. The selection process will be based on the user tokens holding, his favorite list, the volume on the pairs, the number of transations, and the list could continue.

I am saying that to evidentiate that there must be first a design over the UI/UX. I @constantinpricope201 am NOT a frontend developer and I will reach out to someone else to the interface but for that, I must finish some intermediate steps.

We definitely look into creating an interface as easy to use as possible for users and that is a main task but will be done at a later date as the project starts growing roots. If the project is not validated maybe the users do not need charts or a dex aggregator or NFC crypto payments, as there is no other project doing something similar as per my knowledge so I won’t put a lot of effort into the design if there is no use for it.

Thanks :white_heart:,