OnChain Vision - Part II

great update and great collaboration here. Big thanks to the teams mentioned

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I must say you did a great cooperation effort that can be used as an example of how things can be done within a community. Keep going and good luck for the future!


Gotten the update, ready to be beta tester
Kudos to the big names collaboration with
Keep it up buddy, All the best


How does the swap interface look for you?

What are the first impressions?

Got the time to see the video ?

Thanks a lot,


Always building, this is relative to the fact that you take no days off, it seems.


In this version along the swap interface we also have TRC20 and TRX transfers.

We uploaded a video on how this works → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE2OBxuW23g


Good day Onchain have been able to get tested with the latest update

From the transfer option…
Connect with wallet

Also did the swap function.
New function person to rent energy for transaction at the same time with estimated energy needed.


@Gordian has help us being the first beta-tester of our new swap interfacer and of the TRX transfer!
I wanted to thank him because he wants to points out that before doing the transaction we are doing the estimate energy so we will rent only the energy that you need for that transaction. To be more specific we rent only the difference between the energy that you have and the energy that you need.

@Gordian I must really thank you so much for your help as a beta tester.

Anyone on the forum can directly talk to me to be a beta-tester. All the details regarding issues that we found are on discord.



Thank you Buddy, such a big pleasure to be part of testing onchain vision project. Thank you for your kind Words
All the best. Keep building…

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We expended our visibility by being present on DappRadar → https://dappradar.com/dapp/onchain-vision-2

Newly listed.

We made also an update for more stability over transactions.
We added also a rent interface on the Home on the text “Energy”

The updates were already pushed on the Play Store.

Join our Discord → OnChainVision for more info!




is it possible we will see this app on ios soon? seems i am missing a lot

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I believe iOS version coming soon

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Alright Sir, thank you

Hoping so

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It seems I can’t wait for IOS so I decided to join the android gang lol

Just downloaded and I am going through.

love the features


You are constantly building. Thats very good.

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Hi man, thanks for the kind words as always.

Please hop on the Discord Server: OnChainVision for updates in real time!

Thanks a lot!

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You need to to try this app

You will love it

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It is really amazing that you took the time to be a beta tester for Onchain Vision.

As you discovered we have big plans going further and we are happy to have you close.

Meanwhile anyone on the forum can hop in the discord for instructions on how to be a beta tester!

We set up the environment for the #beta-tester to check the app on Tron Nile including the rent and swap part.

Join in OnChainVision


Use Old swap Uswap Exchange to change your tokens :

OnChainVision can help. If the tokens have no fee on transfer you can use the OnChainVision to swap your tokens.

  1. Check the demo video on youtube: https://youtu.be/6mgL-_RpvZY
  2. Contact OnChainVision team on Discord for details on how to do it and what you need to exchange: OnChainVision
  3. Have the wallet saved in TrustWallet
  4. Download the OnChainVision app from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onchainvision.onchainvision
  5. Connect to TRON network

It is important to contact the OnChainVision app as we are in beta mode and there are some issues open.

Using the OnChainVision app is free of charge so you will not need to pay anything to us!