Prepare for a massive Season 🔥

Hello tronics as if yesterday 25/07/2023, there were 1500 sign ups for this season #HackaTron :fire:

This means a storm is coming very soon​:fire::fire:

More devs are ready to build on #tron and/or #Bttc :fire:

From these sign ups, what’s your prediction for total submissions this season?

Do you think all of them will publish their submissions or more will come later and publish or we won’t see all if them on the forum.

Can we get 500 projects this season?


This session 5 will be On Building Fire
Wow, what a big turnout signups

More develoers, More Builders,
More Usage, more trial more wins.

The blockchain will experience


We should be expecting more sign ups as developers has started seeing the advantage of building in Tron x BTTC chains :fire:


Expecting all the projects to fulfill the requirements of this season. Wish good luck to everyone !


It’s getting bigger guys


As usual many are called but few are chosen

can you predict again, you see @Gordian is running away :joy:


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: 5000 sign-ups loading

My prince… Hmmm
It’s too early to predict now … you know
The market is unstable… The bull just starting.

I will do my prediction towards the end.

you are funny

The spirit has never directed to do so, still in the mountain :mountain_snow:

Did someone check the platform yet. Are every team members registering or is it one registration per project?
If each team member has to register 2K registrations might mean 300-400 projects. Among them maybe 150-200 will really bring a working product. 75-100 will pass the qualifications. Anyway still a loooong way to go until the voting period. Can’t wait to see all the participants here on the forum :muscle:

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OK I can’t tell but some have more than two members, others 5 and more

Infact let me make my first attempt prediction
±10% of Total Sign-up will be at last race.

In consideration to what Fabs said above.

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Anyway until October the amount of participants can get a 10x up. To the mewn :rocket::grin:


Hahahaha, looking at how things are moving

The number 5 connotes greatness and I think we’re really in for a shocker in this season.

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If coins can make same 10x movement, it will be massive

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First of all thanks to the team behind the promotion of season 5, it has really reached a large audience. Just want to see the signups reflect on the forum. Wishing all of them well

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Very Big Round of applause I give to the
Tron Dao Hackathon promotion team.
And all us in the picture.

We need the active reflection of the sign-up .here
So we have time to know
Who is who behind each project?
Which is which of the project?

All the best everyone

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