Project investigator

It is called hackathon for a reason, the main reason why projects invited for this hackathon are projects that were built during the hackathon timeframe and not projects built years back and presented as though it was built yesterday.

The question is often asked…

Was your project created during the hackathon??

Project owners will always reply to this question as Yes! It was lying through their teeth.

How do we then know if a project was built before the hackathon?

What ways can be used to check it.
If there are no means to know the authenticity of the timeframe used by a developer to build a project, then i introduce to you my idea called the Project Investigator

An ai built to scan your project and identify digital signatures that shows when a project begun.

@StevenTRON, @EMerchant, @WindsOfChange92, @admin.hackathon, @fabsltsa

No one is safe anymore… :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Please dont worry. Its just an idea and i have no technical knowhow to build this.

So chill :rofl::rofl:


Its actually an interesting idea @Nana66419! Its actually a pretty big problem in hackathons.

But as solution I would rather see something like a public available database, where a project description, Github link, Team members etc. are shared. So later on it can be checked if something similar has already been published in other hackathons.
And before payout hackers & judges are able to check database and disqualify teams.

Could be actually an interesting project for a hackathon :smiley:


Wow thats great. I know the team are reading and will definitely put your suggestion on the table.

There are some projects that looks too big to be built with the given timeframe yet they claim it was done so.

Especially the new projects with only one team members, majority are just lying and i am not convinced at all.


Yes I have seen some projects in in-person hackathons which have been developed prior to the hackathon. But at the same time I have been also in teams where we created mind-blowing things in just 36 hours (e.g. from figma to a full native mobile app).
Some kind of external validation platform would be great, because Its pretty hard to tell what really “can” be done in a short time frame, because with a professional team you can actually achieve alot in just a few days.

The platform could even have its own token…


Maybe using AI can help Tron and Hackathon to determine rather a project or a similiar one has been published before or not? @Nana66419

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Wonderful that is also brilliant. I think the developers here can help build such a project and present it in the next hackathon.

It will go a long way to solve alot of issues.

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GM boss, but you missed important part of sharing the food that gave you inspiration for this idea.

Yes, you made important point here. Just like in every competition there is TIME FRAME.
Even in schools we have time frame for each Session.

Very important to have this things check, cause building massive Project from scratch not easy, now I understand why we do see late project entry in HACKATHON.

From the Idea, building developing, testing and launch not so easy.

I will see some projects with massive

And claims one man army.

Well noticed my brother…

Well, I believe the Tron HACKATHON judges Have their way of checking for this…


its so easy we can check the date of the first commit of the project :wink:


Best way to find out is through GitHub repository. But, it can too be easily manipulated. As these are online hackathons, it can be challenging to find out when the developers are actually developing their projects.
Regarding similar projects being submitted, it really doesn’t matter as long as they are same copy pasta projects, and bring value to TRON & BTTC.
Getting more useful dapps live on TRON and BitTorrent is the whole purpose of these hackaTRONs.


Hmmm its serious oo. I hope they find a way around it one day.

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Yes, github can easily be faked by just creating a new repo. I think the only real way is to have someone or multiple people putting in work by holding track of submitted project through different hackathons. The question is if there is enough incentives to do it. I think if the hackathon coordinators would be willing to spend a few $ on it there could a solution be found. But not sure if there is enough interest around that problem from the organizer point of view ??

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Are those projects saved on forum? And some authorities look after and compare them with new ones for TRON? This is a serious topic for sake of integrity and being all productive in categories…

good evening everyone

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Yes they could be checked for each hackathon session. But I think the the major problem is more when people e.g. take the project from ethglobal hackathon or another hackathon in some other ecosystem and just „reuse“ them.
Maybe there could be some kind of bounty set, if someone finds a resubmission and reports it


I don’t think organisers put more money into the hackathons. The projects shouldn’t be exact copy of other projects. Regarding developing projects during hackathons, it will always be very challenging for online hackathons to track that.

We already have community contributor prize for that.

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Good evening and welcome to the forum.
Stick around and lets make this place a wonderful place to be.

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I understand yes I totally agree with you it should be checked in terms of honesty which is very important for people to inspire and create more projects man

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