SECURITY TIPS (Watch Mode Wallet)

Hello tronics, I believe we are all fine.
Let’s take note of this and stay safe always.

Please you don’t have to take every risk to make yourself rich. Scammers do not sleep, they try anything to fill their wallets. There is a feature in most wallet called “Watch Mode”
You can see what is in the wallet but you can not touch it.
A lot of people have been scammed by this, they ask you to send some crypto to unlock this. Please don’t be greedy. There is nothing like free lunch. It’s a scam. Don’t fall for it

Sometimes they ask you to help them unlock and they will gift you some crypto please never listen to them. It’s a scam. Thank you and have a nice day


Hola, gracias por tus consejos, lo tendremos en cuenta.

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You are most welcome bro, how are you?

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Hola, bien haciendo cosas y tu que te cuentas.

I am doing well brother, thank you

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Thank you for this great awareness

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you are most welcome
Stay safe

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Thank you for your information, it is useful


alright brother
stay safe

Thank you, with your advice I will be safe

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