Streamerly - The Web3 Streamer Quiz Platform

Project Name : [Streamerly]
Project Track : [GameFi]
Team Name : [Streamerly]
Team Member(s) : [1 member @sushmitsarmah]
DevPost URL : [DevPost Profile ]
Project Goal : [Audience Engagement tools for a streamer show]
Project Info : [To be updated]
Project Website : [To be updated]
Project Test Instructions : [To be updated]
Project Details : [To be updated]


Great to see project like this one in the hackathon can’t wait yo be part of it


Awesome project💯…this is very nice
More of this

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I am personally anticipating this kind of project. It will go a long way in increasing users engagement in the world of Web3

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Amazing project keep it up

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I’m so looking forward to this kind of project

I like quiz, when are you going to update the post and deliver a MVP?

Is it going to be on Tron, BTTC or both?

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Hoping to submit something basic before the hackathon ends. Only on Tron for now. If there is a lot of interest then maybe on other chains too.


Really really love this project…hoping for more

I am looking forward to this great project.

Nice project…great concept.

Glad to be part of this positive changing and evolving project. :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

It’s cool project, nice one :+1:

If the quiz needs a big amount of tx from users, BTTC would be great as it is one of the cheapest blockchains

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Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
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Where’s the details of project

count me in! A quizzing platform on web3 is a genius idea. Really excited to see how it comes out!

There’s no details what to do here :thinking:

@waterreptile19 is the project still alive?

@fabsltsa yes it is. there is already an existing codebase and project for this. It’s been dormant for sometime but we are planning update the platform and get it back online and introduce a web3 quiz element to it.

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