The Establishment of LionX

What’s Next for :lion::x:

:point_right: We’re putting the final touches to our brand new MafiaManes Themed, Multi collection NFT staking contract which will be integrated into the LionX ecosystem very soon ! MafiaManes will showcase the functionalities of DeFi within a NFT realm.
This NFT staking contract has the ability to have a wide Variety of NFT collections compatible to one contract. You can even add collections to the existing smart contract even after it’s live. Another great feature we’re excited about is the multi rewards functionality. This contract has the power to distribute a variety of reward Tokens depending on collection set up.

:point_right: JustMoney (LDA/TRX) LP staking is another priority for us. Individuals who have provided Liquidity on JustMoney Exchange will have the opportunity to Stake those LP tokens to earn LDA for your contribution to the LionX ecosystem!

:point_right: Next priority is The Main Website for launching the Capitol Lion platform :lion:
We’re formulating & structuring the finalization of the web site that will initiate the Evolution of Music. It will all take place right here on Tron network. Stay tuned for more info regarding the LionX ecosystem & LionX umbrella projects.


Loving to see more Roar from LionX Team !

More exciting days ahead :fire:


good days are gone. now it’s your turn in better days


Big Shoutout to @CoinMarketLeague for giving us the opportunity to showcase the Vision behind the LionX ecosystem.


Mafia Manes NFT collection is one of the MOST scarce NFT collections on TRON

  • There is a Max supply of 100 iconic Mafia Manes NFTs that will ever be made.
    Each NFT has it’s own story and background that makes them Notorious.
    Join the Mafia & Let’s Participate in the Family business of Bridging the Gap between NFTs & DeFi. :fist: :lion:

The Breakdown of the Native Token within LionX

The Lion Digital Alliance Token ($LDA)

Homepage of LionX:
Token Details: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
LionX Link Tree: LionXeco | Twitter | Linktree
LionX Telegram Telegram: Contact @Lionxone


Check out Capitol Lion’s Infograph

Take a Glimpse of the Future with LionX Umbrella


Angled Purple LionX Logo


Will be coming to the LionX ecosystem

NFT staking will be coming to the LionX ecosystem. We’ll be introducing the smart contract through the Mafia Manes collection first .
Personally, I’m extremely excited to launch this collection. It has the power to connect the entire NFT Ecosystem of Tron (OG & Newer).
This integration can add a layer of utility to any collection on Tron’s MainNet. The High IQ of this smart contract allows the ability to add New Collections & Reward Incentives even while the contract is live.
We believe the elegance of this contract will gain NFT communities on Tron a lot of exposure. This will be a great tool for giving NFT holders the opportunity to participate in a DeFi environment.
Ultimately you’ll Earn tokens for Staking NFTs.
New collections on TRON will Only be added to the protocol by Proposal submitting & LionDAO voting .

Submit Proposals here: LionX Governance Proposals


Un buen trabajo, importante para finanzas descentralizadas.


:star: Whitelist for NFT staking Beta Version

NFT Staking is Coming to The ecosystem of LionX :tada:

This NFT Staking Contract was handmade to our Liking. The elegance of this Smart Contract is like none other & I say this confidently.

It’s programmed to host multiple collections and rewards. We can integrate/ update New collections & rewards even after the contract is Live.

This protocol has the opportunity to connect and add an additional layer of Utility to the entire NFT community of Tron.

We will be rolling out additional features and functionalities as the Contract matures on Tron’s MainNet.

We’re creating a Whitelist for the 1st phase of Our NFT staking contract.

Eligible Users will have the opportunity to stake selected Tron based NFTs to earn dividends in TRC20 Tokens.

Participators must fill out the google form attachment to become eligible to be a Whitelisted member.

:lion: (Google Form)

This will be the 1st users of this Monumental Smart Contract & will help shape the future of this script Longterm.

:green_circle: Cap of Whitelisted members = 100

:green_circle: Cap of NFTs staked by each member = 10

Eligible NFT collections for The 1st Phase of NFT staking will be, not limited to :

:point_right: LionX based NFT collections such as

MafiaManes, Capitol Lion Genesis NFTs, OneM1nd’s MusicNFTs, & LionX NFT store collections.

:point_right: Kraftly Collections

TRocks, Crypto Clouds ,

:point_right: 1st Generation Tron NFT collections

TPunks, FoodPunks Tron, Bored Ape Yacht club, Bored Ape Tron club, Doge Pound Tron

If you would like to see additional Tron based NFT collections integrated please

:lion: Submit a proposal to : []

Eligible NFT Collections & Rewards list will be released soon. Turn your Notifications ON :green_circle: and stay tuned with LionX updates.


Can’t wait!! Sounds amazing!

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:point_right: Core Values of the
Lion Digital Alliance Token (LDA) that continue to evolve as the Ecosystem expands!

  1. Security
  2. Stability
  3. Scalability
  4. Capped Limit Supply
  5. Decentralization components
  6. Creating Demand for Assets
  7. Evolving Use Cases
  8. Real world & Digital Realm Problem Solving

:point_right: DeFi Sector of LionX :lion:
Witness Game Theory of Delayed Gratification.

The Lion Digital Alliance Token fuels the entire ecosystem and is completely backed by the productivity of Networks integrated into LionX .
Smart contracts that make up the foundational infrastructure is programmed to reward members with long-term engagement & contribution.

Take a glimpse into the Chain of Smart contracts that make up the Self Operating System of LionX

  • Jungle = This is the OG LDA mining Contract that gives you the ability to use TRX as a tool to mint fresh LDA that will enters circulating supply. In return, overtime you’ll earn TRX for your contribution and engagement. The sub Token “JUNG/JungleShare” dictates how much TRX you earn from the Reward Pool each day compared to other LDA miners in the contract.

  • LDA Staking = this is the main LDA Staking Contract which gives you the opportunity to Stake LDA to earn LDA. There’s an unstaking fee which is charged in TRX which is distributed amongst existing stakers. The game theory of delayed gratification gives members the chance to earn two incentives (LDA & TRX)… Functionalities also allow you to rollover LDA rewards into the LDA Staking Contract and roll over your TRX into Jungle to grow your Jungle share & Mint LDA .

  • LP Staking = this contract is specifically for (LDA/TRX) Liquidity Providers on … This staking contract gives members the opportunity to stake their LP tokens to earn interest in LDA. Functionalities of this Contract also allow you to rollover LDA earnings into the Main LDA staking contract to increase your potential earnings. (JustMoney LDA/TRX LP tokens, will be available to stake soon)

  • NFT Staking = This will be introduced to the LionX ecosystem very soon. Members will have the opportunity to stake a wide variety of NFT collections as well as having the chance to earn multiple tokens for rewards. This Contract can be updated even while it’s Live, CoreX has the ability to add NFT collections and New Reward payouts even after NFT staking is Launched, which will open the gates for Partnerships and Community integrations to expand our DeFi environments and beyond.


Looks this can be a whole great ecosystem to be introduced to mass !

LionX :lion: has been here roaring loud always !

Can’t wait to stake some NFTS and earn more LDA !!

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


I am proud as an investor of the Lionx project of its usability and potential. I will continue to support the team, the project and pride because I consider it important diamond :gem: to be kept with care. I will follow development and I feel like a lion roaring every time. Thank you so much and keep it up Tashlion and Joshlion​:lion::fist_right::muscle:


ONE Media Network

We’re Happy to Announce our In house Media Group ! The “ONE” is a one stop shop for everything pertaining the LionX ecosystem.
Stay up to date with content that dive into the deep details of LionX & integrated Networks within. Come on down & see what’s cooking with the “ONE” …

Follow the Progression here:



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