The Sports Analyzer and Generator of Sure Odds

You can suggest to your friends.
Mostly they are not interested in these betting stuffs but it’s a great venture.

Again to run such a company you need huge huge capital. If you don’t take care one person will win and you would have to use all your capital to pay :joy::joy:. One betting company in Ghana collapsed, they were not able to pay winners

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Oh I see why the betting companies wants to see losses by those who bet

So the could always be in profit

It’s possible for a one time big win bet can’t close a betting giant company

For giants it’s not possible because I think we they good plans in place to check these. But I am afraid for the smaller ones. I have witnessed several ones here in Ghana

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Hahaha one person can collapse your venture in a day of opening.

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That is more than massive pump

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I know some guys who stake 20,000 cedis bet and more.

Such people will cause a big disaster for smaller companies

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But its not easy when selecting odds, the emotions can make you decide on an odd that will eventually lead you to lose.

Everything is a game of chance. If its not a fix match, one person cannot collapse your venture in a day.

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A friend of mine has lost 300,000 cedis playing aviator. Now he owes our year group alone, 50,000 from calling people individually to take money to play this aviator.

They say the least he bet is 10,000 cedis.

3na mese akoa yi agyimi


Hahahaha ah
I can’t stop laughing :joy::joy:

Aviator :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Hmmm betting is not for the feint hearted, if u can’t afford to lose, dont venture. Just like crypto!

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Hmmmm exactly, it’s a game for men

I totally understand

That is why your
Project idea
Would be a very good usecase as it will filter
Betting , prediction and it’s sentiment

I don’t like the betting aspect

But CRYPTO my home.

Oh my goodness
Please when should I stop laughing to the sad humour.

How? :joy::joy::joy: betting? Hahahaha they know what they are investing their money into.
Betting is a game of chance. You can use everything in this world to make predictions and still loss.

Sometimes you will need just a goal to win, one team will get a penalty and miss it :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The last line got me

When betting is mentioned
It’s a red flag for me

Have seen the end product of betting on
On some dude
Selling some asset to place bet on sure odd( the claim)

Oh yeah recently I heard some news. Some money was getting to guy who is an agent (house renting), the guy used that money to stake bet and he lost.

The guy ended up killing the lady he took the money from.

This is one side effects
Some could go into pocket picking
Just go get money for betting

That really bad
Especially for newbies Turing addicted to betting

Exactly, today after church service I was discussing this with a lady. Everyone is betting including people at the top who earns very well.