Triton - Join Us, Take the Crypto Quiz, Win a Victory

I am so sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you had with your domain name provider. I know how frustrating it can be to deal with issues like this. However, I am glad to hear that you were able to finally set it up and now, up and running. I will be glad to watch your video and participate in the quiz sooner. Thank you for letting us know your availability in answering our questions quickly.

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Indeed, it does but since the quiz can be taken within 15 seconds, why leaving the quiz open for 3 weeks?
I think this period is too long and may discourage people from participating in the quiz.
It will be more appropriate to have the quiz open for a couple of days (maybe 3 to 5 days). While the quiz competition will be holding maybe biweekly.


You know what would be cool for your business model?

Maybe that has been already said. I have to admit I jumped the discussions when the idea hit me.

Create a section where projects could build their own quizz. They would then indicate to their users to go to your platform and answer questions about the project.
Then you would draw the top 10 who would win a share of the prizepool.


  1. Creation of quizz: $150.
    $50 goes to the team - $100 goes to the prize pool
  2. The project can upload if needed some content about their project
  3. The project can fill a form with the questions and the answers of the quizz
  4. Your platform and the project promote the quizz (will bring users to your platform)
  5. Users read content if any, then access the quizz form
  6. After let’s say a week, the platform will take the 10 best users (if more users have the same % of success to the quizz, the winners can be randomly selected)
  7. The platform splits the $100 of gains between the 10 winners (but this could be done by the project itself if the project just has to pay the initial fee. You would just then send the list of winners to the project).

If you like the idea and want to implement it, I’m ok to get a free quizz for the project I’m working on as a reward :innocent:


It’s a win-win deal for projects that will use your platform cause instead of making a simple giveaway, they could make a quizz. Therefore motivate users to learn about the project and its products. Not just « like, retweet and tag 3 friends ».


I remember Justmoney had an event like that, good idea


We’ve made something like that with BSC Daily indeed. Learn and earn. Way better than a giveaway imo.

Can also add as a task to follow the project on Twitter so they can grow their account :+1:


I should probably add the fact that before accepting a project on the platform, you should first make some due diligence to avoid promoting indirectly a scam :+1:


Perfect, well said… @TritonTeam great suggestion here.

You can be the next Galxe and the other popular projects wh provide same
Consider it


Very good idea bro and there is no doubt that this will bring mutual community growth between both parties


I’ve actually more ideas. Sending you a dm @TritonTeam


@TritonTeam Heya I liked the video sm, it looks so aesthetic and clean moreover questions are very fine as well, thanks for your efforts :metal:


Good video presentation.

Please for the premium version and collection of scores.
Is it possible for us to have a general leaderboard?.

How will will these questions be updated to avoid repetition?.

All the best, keep building


@Prince-Onscolo @OmerMaric really appreciate your support. With TRON, we can deliver our project to all crypto enthusiasts, especially dao forum users. We wanted to show our respect for this concept in this way and we think we can gather good interest for the beginning.


Good to hear, keep building


Absolutely true words.

I couldn’t find the Twitter link, but when we listened to the 2-hour TRON podcast, we learned that TRON will continue hackathos for a few years. @Nana66419 @Prince-Onscolo if you have the link of the podcast about season5, could you please share it?
This means that the contests will continue for a few more years, each time we will push ourselves and our project further and invite users who are even slightly interested in TRON to our site.

We want transparency to be the most important part that allows us to continue ethically. Users will be able to easily see the scores and leaderboard with the parts we will update in the first trial tournament. We will include activities like this that completely eliminate doubt.


The problems are endless, now we are going to a meeting in another country, stuck at the airport with half a charge. But that’s the beauty of the TRON forum. Because questions accumulate and we can answer them at the most convenient time. The questions come as a surprise to us and the answers to those who are curious.

Let’s clarify right away. The tournament period lasts 3 weeks, during which users can solve as many quizzes consisting of random questions as they want. The highest scores will be taken into account.

On the other hand, the duration of each question in the quiz is 15 seconds, which is a precaution we have taken to prevent answers to the questions in the quiz from being searched on the internet.

We aim to complete the 36-question premium mode quiz as soon as it is opened, so we can stop the questions from being stored by third users.


@Gordian, it makes us very happy to see that you support us on YouTube as well as on the forum. Thank you a thousand times for your nice comment.

Yes yes, we are definitely considering adding general leaderboard. We will make the necessary updates at the end of the first tournament.

How do you think we can tell who the scores on the leaderboard belong to? Should we put their forum username or wallet address or a nickname of their choice? We are open to suggestions.

@PankajGopal We are very glad you liked the video. To be honest, although the questions look good right now, there are some answer patterns and some questions have errors. We are trying to optimize these. It will be in full shape in other tournaments.


Definitely a very, very high quality idea. You summarized it very well. Thank you very much. Please allow us to ask a few questions so we can fully imagine what you have in mind.

  1. The projects we mean here are the projects in the forum, right?
  1. Here, instead of choosing randomly, does it make sense to select the first quiz volunteers among those whose successes are equal, or what other selection method can we apply?
  1. Wondering if we can optimize this to be automatic as well? Because users may experience problems with the project and these may be reflected on us.

(not question :nerd_face:) A completely comfortable win-win situation

We are very happy that a name like you provides such beautiful illumination to our project.