Tronjoy – Introducing Free-to-Own: Claim your free NFTs!

Project Name: Tronjoy
Project Track: NFT
Team Member(s): 5 full-time, 2 part time
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Project Website:
Project Info: Tronjoy.pdf (1.6 MB)

Project Goal

Tronjoy wants to introduce the Free-to-Own concept in Tron network.

Free-to-Own is the combination of Free-to-Play, which was the main innovation in web2 gaming, and NFT ownership.

Simply put, we will allow users who are currently supporting other Tron projects to claim one of our NFTs for free.

We won’t sell a single NFT, all of them will be given away.

These NFTs can be used to play and compete with others in an increasing number of skill games to win crypto rewards – such as TRX, stablecoins and other NFTs that will have utility inside Tronjoy ecosystem –.

Involving other Tron communities

We believe that web3 should open the doors to a more cooperative environment, looking for synergies that could be beneficial for both parties involved.

That’s why we welcome any Tron project to get in touch with us for a potential deal.

We will create personalized traits in our NFT collections for these projects. In addition, the holders of these projects will be whitelisted so they can mint one of our NFTs for free.

In return, we only ask that this agreement should be shared with their community, so users are aware of it in case anyone is willing to claim their NFT.

Project Details

In TronJoy we have 3 different types of NFTs: arcade machines, game cartridges and heroes.

All of them will be given away for free, in different ways:

Arcade machines

Our first collection is inspired by the arcade machines of the 80s, and it will consist of a total of 10,000 NFTs.

Users will be able to claim their free arcade machine NFT in 2 ways:

  • By being a holder of any of the projects we partner with (details will be announced in due time)

  • By helping us to create awareness around the project completing some simple marketing tasks

As an arcade machine holder, users will be able to play in numerous skill games and win cartridges by completing different challenges.

Game cartridges

Our second NFT collection is inspired by the game cartridges of the 80s and 90s consoles, such as NES, GameBoy and MegaDrive.

The only way to win one – or more – game cartridge is by holding an arcade machine NFT, and playing the skill games that we will be adding to our platform.

Game cartridges will be divided in 4 types or rarities: platinum, gold, silver and bronze.

By combining an arcade machine and a game cartridge, users will be able to mint a free Hero.


This is where the real fun begins!

Users can mint a Hero NFT by combining an arcade machine and a game cartridge.

The type of the Hero minted will depend on the traits of the arcade machine and the rarity of the cartridges that are being combined.

The cartridge used during the process will be burned. Not the arcade machine, that will allow you to create more than a hero.

Hero NFTs will give you access to tournaments to compete against other people in an increasing number of skill games and earn rewards in TRX and stablecoins.

The rarity of the Heroes will determine how many times the users can play a game in each tournament to save the highest score.

Project Milestones


This includes all staff that we are working on at the moment, or that will come shortly.

Partners within Tron ecosystem: In Progress

We welcome any Tron project owner and/or developer to get in touch with us and discuss the details of the free mint for their community members.

Arcade Machine NFT minting: In Progress

The smart contract has been tested in shasta and is ready. We have several designs created for the arcade machines, once we close some deals more to create personalized traits for other projects, the minting will start.

Introducing the first games: In Progress

The first 3 games are already available in our website. We are connecting them to blockchain and the moment and developing the smart contracts that will allow users to save their scores in a safe manner.

Single player mode and game cartridges NFT rewards: In Progress

The design of the NFTs is ready. Once we have the arcade machines minted this will be implemented almost immediately.

NFT marketplace: Coming soon

We will more likely use partially the code from a project we already partnered with, so this should be pretty fast.

Heroes minting platform: Development starts soon

This will allow users to combine their arcade machines and cartridges to create a Hero NFT. We already did some research on the best ways to perform this part, and development will start shortly.

Game tournaments to win TRX and stablecoins: Coming soon

Once the heroes minting platform is ready, the first tournaments will be implemented. We are planning to have at least a tournament weekly, with new games being introduced regularly.


Once we are achieved every goal from THE PRESENT, we will work on some improvements and new developments. There is no date for these developments yet:

New gaming modes

  • Duel: You can play a game against other user(s) and bet your TRX. The winner takes it all!

  • Highest score: We will record the highest scores for all each game. Each time someone plays this mode and tries to beat the top score, the user with that highest score will be rewarded.

Tronjoy token launch

This is something that we are considering, but will only happen after we have added plenty of new games, run several successful tournaments, created the different gaming modes that we have in mind, and most importantly: have a decent number of users and players.

Multiplayer games

Once we have enough players, we are planning to add multiplayer games. We have been working on some ideas in this sense that we are very excited about and willing to start developing them.


Good job!

The progress you made since we first talked few weeks ago it’s very impressive.

We love the final design of the personalized traits you made for Cukies World by the way, specially the ones for the heroes :smiling_face:

Wish you good luck in the hackathon.


Hola, un proyecto impactante, suerte


Feel great about your project


Thank you @Fortunate and @antonio !

Hope to have you on board to claim a free NFTs as soon as our arcade machines are available.

Btw if you would like to comment the kind of games that you would like to see in our platform, let us know!! :8ball: :game_die:


Hola, no lo dudes allí estaré.


Tiene muy buena pinta, deseando mintear mi NFT!! suerte equipo


I feel like crying with joy every time I see a project with intentions to make the adoption of technology in the world easier. Congratulations and to continue growing together


The concept looks great. Do you have already a list of game you guys will develop in mind? Good luck!

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muy buen proyecto, suerte en el hackaton… :wink:


Thank you!

We have already added the first 3 games to our platform.

To be clear the games are not our own development. We have purchased a license to use them and are now connecting them to blockchain using our smart contracts.

This allows us to add a bunch of games to our platform pretty fast so we can implement our concept and start giving utility to the NFTs.

We are planning to develop our own games as there are some things that we would like to add that is not possible to do with this licensed game, as it requires a lot of customization. If everything goes great, we would hopefully participate in the gamefi category in an upcoming tron hackathon :crossed_fingers:

By the way, if you are would like to have some NFTs in our collection with personalized traits for justmoney, we would love to create them :blush:


That true mate, the project is over super amazing

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Hey! Just a quick update:

We have added an option to record the score when playing.

Now we record the wallet address used to play and the score achieved, and show it in a leaderboard.

This part is still not connected to the blockchain, but we are working on it and it should be the next step.

I’ll attach a couple of images about this tomorrow :game_die: :8ball:


TRONJoy Can i claim the free now ?

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Also best of luck for season 3.0 :+1:

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can I pay to own too :person_raising_hand:

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Interesting concept, would be great to be a part of it! Reminds me of Tron Ninjas vision too :smile:

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Thank you!

You can’t claim them yet as we are still running in shasta testnet. We will keep you all updated as we progress


The arcade machines collection will be limited to 10,000 NFT.

So once they are all claimed, anyone willing to get an arcade machine will have to buy it from other community members in the marketplace.


As I said yesterday, i’m attaching 2 images with the little improvements made.

We can see now the leaderboard with all the scores and the wallets who got that score, and a separated one which saves just your own scores.

Working on connecting it to blockchain at the moment :game_die: :8ball: