Usage of Yellow Card in Africa?

Has anyone here used Yellow card in Africa or heard about it before? I came across it while doing some research and they say it is super popular in Africa. They are also hiring for a country manager in Zambia.


Thanks for sharing, I have seen so many advertisement about it in Ghana but I haven’t tried it myself. I use binance for all these transactions

This is the first time of me hearing about yellow card.

Do you care to explain?

Its just for cross-border transactions for FREE they say but I think they take a % on the exchange fee. Also can integrate API for businesses in Africa that are selling to 16 supported countries.

This is the original article I found it, seems like circle invested into it as well.


Have heard of Yellow card
It popular tho.
But not as compared to Luno, Bundle, Roqqu exchanges we have here in Nigeria

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Thank you I definitely check this out

Have been seeing their Ads but haven’t tried it

Yes, I have tried it some time ago but it didn’t serve the purpose I needed it for. So I have to uninstall it but I think it’s gaining momentum now

Following them after you posted this and like @Youngyuppie said they are gaining momentum. They have partnered with usdc and tether, organizing some seminars in tertiary institutions in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. Tomorrow they have one event in Kumasi- Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

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