Africa and acceptance of cryto

I feel cryptography hasn’t been much accepted in Africa. What do you think?


I agree its really a grey area in my country Kenya because of various factors like scammers online,no real knowledge of what cryptocurrency is all about


I agree on the scammers part, people are not willing to try it out, even though there were some successes recorded during the time (like in South Africa).


I will surely agree to that cuz people do scam alot and that’s kind of disheartening


I am not sure but I want to follow this topic


even normal forex trading is not done by younger generations, the older folks bought company shares a long time ago beacuse of lack of extra money to invest now imagine cryptocurrency sounds even more greek


cryptocurrency is the future of finance.

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Cryptography doesnt need to be accepted, its application is in cryptocurrency and other things that needs to be encrypted or to bypass third parties from secured datas or infos , so its cryptocurrency thats not widely accepted in africa


the world accept cryptocurrency, crypto is green.

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yes. but it will be popular in futher when it become a irrestable trend

That is 100% true, cryptocurrency is the way forward

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It will continue to go before we know it , it will sure go all over the African as a whole .

It just a matter of Time​:ok_hand::ok_hand:


Have you seen Bundle Africa?

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By cryptography am assuming you mean p2p transactions? Kenya has its own p2p platform that is booming - mpesa. Other than it being centralised, it works and I don’t think kenyans and the countries using mpesa would like the hustle presented in cryptocurrency.

Imagine having to explain to people, for instance, they need a tronlink wallet, for free transactions, they have to buy and freeze trx…the hustle and expense is too much for common people. Mpesa is a way easier option.

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They even had a joint AMA with actually.

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This is great. Crypto is the future

I have seen amazing contributor coming from Africa as well as more Web3 staffing companies. I think it is only a matter of time

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the government feeling reluctant but people are doing their best to utilize the opportunity

Don’t know much about it, but wants to know about it

What devices do they use there?

You can’t have crypto adoption if they have no smart phones or laptops. Also they need money to invest.

I would be interested in coding something for a non-smart phone, but have no clue what they use the most or how to get it to the local app stores /devices.