When Moon - Send Moonboys to the moon & earn RP1

Project Name: When Moon
Website: https://when-moon.io
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: When Moon
Team Member(s): 40

Project Demo

Project Goal
When Moon is a meme-based game where you can send your favorite crypto to the moon.

Project Info and details

People ask “When Moon?” on every crypto Telegram channels.

What is When Moon’s vision:
Send Moonboys to the moon & earn RP1

Project Milestones

  • When Moon available on Android & Apple

Detailed roadmap for the Hackathon
We will deliver

Deploy RP1 on Tron and BTT
Deploy rockets NFT on Tron
Integrate RP1 and rockets NFT on the available When Moon game.


I have a few questions here:

  1. I assume RP1 is the token of this game?
  2. How are there 40 team members for one game?
  3. When Moon?

Hola, de momento espero ver la hoja de ruta. Un saludo

Devpost link available?

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will my crypto be like an explorer?