Best Project in Each Category

Guys, write the best project for you in the category you chose. Lets see which projects are high-quality ??


Haven’t yet voted… i will list the projects once i finally cast out my votes

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The only vote i like here is Fuzzyocean

Def think it’s PalmTNFT :fire: in the NFT section

TronHub in Web3 is providing dev tools and services to make the ecosystem more accessible, which I think is great and aims for a great purpose. Perhaps one day it could be beside Alchemy or other various tools for Dapp dev :smiley: Check them out here TronHub by TronNinjas

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Ok brother… Thanks sir

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I believe nft has it all

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Challenge accepted, lets go to the moon

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Bro! Check our project! it is fusion of NFT and Defi! hope you like it

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You should take a look at MobulaFi in the web3 category

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Wish you all best for your awesome projects. Please, consider having look at this project. It’s addressing a real-world problem of evaluating the integrity of Academic Certificates and it’s deployed already. If you find it useful, please consider voting it.

I’m not affiliated, but I saw this gamified learning platform (called Journey) in the Web3 category that was very different from most projects I’ve seen on the forum.

They’re trying to onboard more people into TRON with learning rewards from protocols. Really liked their demo and UI. You should check it out.

I couldnt decide yet :smiling_face_with_tear:

I voted Mobula for the web3 category :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I agree with this. Tronify is the best Academic project by miles💯 @vermax