Capitol Lion Music & Entertainment

Still early best time to join, see a great potential in the team :100:


Nice project :+1:, success in your launch


Looking great Tash & Josh! :lion:

Keep up the great work! :fire:


I like it too, they are really working
Keep it up


Thank you guys for all the continuous support and Kind comments. We are extremely excited to showcase this new Network of Music as well as entertainment to the Tron Ecosystem. I can’t wait to see what we can establish as a collective! Cheers to the Entertainment Hub of the Future . Let’s BUIDL :lion::zap:


Reputation Data
This Data is Tracked for each Profile/Account. Become a Credible Member by utilizing The Network & Engaging within the Protocol. Members with Good reputation will have the ability to Comment on Capitol Lion based NFTs. Which is stored in the Asset’s Social History. Earn your Social Status within the Entertainment Hub and let your presence be felt Today! :zap::lion:


This is a nice development


This is really gonna blow my mind, really cannot wait to see this.


Hola, un proyecto impresionante


Upcoming Entertainment Hub

Capitol Lion seeks to become a One Stop Shop for Music & Entertainment using The Tools and Resources of Web3 & Blockchain Technologies. Join the Social Network driven by Tokenized Creativity! Spotlight your artistic side & Connect with the World.

Become a part of the Capitol Lion Music DAO & Help guide the People’s Platform, TODAY!


Great project. Good for hackathon





:small_blue_diamond:NFTs !
:small_blue_diamond:Music !
:small_blue_diamond:Entertainment !
:small_blue_diamond:Social Networking !
:small_blue_diamond:Streaming + Music Player !
:small_blue_diamond:Metaverse Exposure !
:small_blue_diamond:Self Governed & Much More…

This one stop shop will develop a decentralized environment for creativity of all kinds. The Capitol Lion platform aims to create a new interactive experience around Music and Entertainment by gaining access to NFT‘s and Metaverse environments. This platform is led by Genesis NFT holders, which consist of the DAO. Join the movement as we evolve the music scene, TOGETHER.

:point_right: Telegram: Contact @Lionxone


a multifaceted and innovative project .Lions this is a very interesting team​:confetti_ball::muscle::clap::lion:


Social Network of Capitol Lion.


As we pivot Capitol Lion beyond Music,
Core X creates a brand New Experience through added Features Like Entertainment & Social Connection. These New features are Layers built on top of the Existing Infrastructure of Capitol Lion. Explore the New Hub of Entertainment and engage with Creators + Fans within a Self Govern Economy. Unlock access to On & Off Chain Metrics implemented into the Platform such as User Reputation, Social engagement history, & Streaming of Music & Content .

Users of the Protocol have the ability to Connect with other Users through social networking within the Application while building their Reputation & Credibility. You as a User/Community Member will have a Reputation Level associated with your Username/Wallet (Higher the Level, The More Credibility that User/Wallet has). NFTs will also have a similar credibility system through Capitol Lion’s Social Engagement History. Once users reach a certain reputation level, it unlocks privilege rights of features like Commenting on NFTs that are owned or created by fellow community members. These credible commentary & Likes will be stored with each NFT native to Capitol Lion. Another exciting addition to the Network is Streaming. Whether it’s pertaining Songs or Entertaining Content, Capitol Lion is seeking to develop a Multi chain Playground of Tokenized Creativity.


This looks very promising :grinning:

I guess the music and entertainment market is highly competitive, so it will be a tough road. But if you reach your goal and hope you will :slight_smile: , it will bring the industry to a new level.

Btw, why can a web3 platform be much better for an artist than a web2?


Hola, les felicito por construir un proyecto que abarca diferentes campos y todos ellos pueden operar mediante redes sociales dentro de la plataforma. Suerte


This is a great question my friend, & I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to explain these vital factors that come into play when comparing Web2 & Web3 for Creators + Communities of all kinds.

Firstly, DApps & NFTs (Features of Web3) can create an opportunity for Platforms & Assets to be Fractionally owned and often governed by community members.
Compared to Web2 & Traditional Apps, Web3 utilized in the right environment can spotlight NFT standards in Unique ways. This can bring the ability to Tokenize literally everything, which creates opportunities of True ownership & can be Publicly verifiable by anyone with access to the world wide web. Non Fungible Token standards are creating outlets of opportunities by setting the foundation for Trustless systems to be built around. Platforms such as Capitol Lion will create an environment that connects Creators & Their Communities like never before, with the need of minimal to no intermediaries.

Web3 Applications also Reward & Incentivize users/members that add value to the Network/App whether that’s Uploading Blockchain based assets, Engaging &/or Contributing in some way.
Creators, Communities and Supporters all have fair opportunities when it comes to this topic.
Another reason why I believe creators/artists are better off going the Web 3 route rather than Web2, is that opportunities that come with tokenizing creativity/forms of art via Blockchain Technology. Unlocking this, makes it easy to access Peer to Peer Global Networks not confined to a Centralized funnel or region. Web3 Apps Like Capitol Lion gives Creators/ Artists the ability to grant Fans & Supporters the chance to publish/Mint their creativity/art into existence.
Creators/Artists have the ability to become incentivized by setting minting prices &/or listing them on the App’s Marketplace. They also have the opportunity to set royalty fees associated with every trade of the Tokenized creations.

The Creator, community and supporters are bonded through the fractionalized ownership which has the opportunity to create New Globalized Business mottos that aren’t accessible through similar Web2 Applications or unaccredited entities. I can go on all day about the benefits & opportunities I believe are present in Web3 … But at the End of the day the True Value in my opinion is Owning your Data/Content & it being Publicly Verified on a global scale.


Muchas gracias por sus amables palabras y su interés en la Plataforma, nos esforzamos por hacer que las herramientas y recursos innovadores sean fácilmente accesibles para los creadores de música y entretenimiento en general. Creo que la plataforma migrará el talento globalizado a través de las fases de lanzamiento de funcionalidad de la plataforma. La implementación del compromiso social como mensajes, comentarios y Me gusta … conectará a los usuarios en un nivel completamente nuevo.


Well said fam! Web3 is the real deal💯


Great explanation from @Tashlion what the Corex team is building, web3 is the chosen tool for developer’s to bring new implementation to #nfts :clap:

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