Catch a scam project with the DAPPSCANNER!

The unflinching will to move on saw us through eventhough we started off on the tron blockchain through alot of scams.

The likes of bank of tron, tronex, Lionshare tron etc were all schemes on the tron blockchain that scammed most of us newbies. It wasn’t a nice experience but spotting these scams were also very difficult.
I personally devised my own means to spot these scams through the following approaches;

  1. Checking to see if the smart contract was verified
  2. Looking for reviews on dappradar to see if there was anything positive about it.
  3. Checking to see if the smart contract had zero balance as i was told it meant the contract was not holding any of the investors money.

But all these things were flawed. There was no truth in them as after all these checks and balances we were scammed anyway.

What am I proposing?
As i wait to eat my evening meal, something struck me and i wanted to share it.

I call it the DappScanner, what is this idea about?

As the tron blockchain keeps growing and more dapps keeps trooping in, i was hoping if a developer this season can build a project that will be solely responsible for scanning dapps to check if its has malicious or vulnerabilities to do away with investors hard earn money.

How will it work?

The project will function like google, input the dapp website and it will tell you in percentages how likely you are to be scammed by such a project.

The project will run a scan through the smart contract of the website provided to identify malicious codes and rate it in percentages from safe to use and highly unsafe to use.

This is just an idea and hope to see if our developer friends in the forum can make it happen.


@wescosmic @fabsltsa @TronNinjas


I’m happy another meal got you this next building idea for developing proposal.

This following 3 listed method to check if a project could be legit

About the review,
Some of the bad actor can make up some good reviews just to claim trust from newbies

The could be legit smart contract and even doxxed team and still be an ending SCAM

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As i have been made to know it is the reason the term food for thought came into existence.

More ideas will be coming very soon.

But scammers makes life in this cryptoworld a living hell.

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Indeed food for thought
I will request you share with us
Your food for thought menu

So we can Also be having same developing Tron blockchain idea together.

Yes, as builders are building one or two projects for the betterment of our blockchain ( not only Tron)

The scammers too are also building to counter the development

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From the information reaching me, the scammers are in for a tough ride. As one of the biggest developers in the forum is planning something great. Can’t disclose it now but we will all get to see it eventually.

Scammers will run

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Oh that will be great to have anti scam might project.

Don’t disclose it
Till it official.
Maybe you tag me to it
So I will recall.

now I think, it’s not about building project that will put scamers in the race away

I hope it mechanism will stand the test of time?

Or be regularly be updated to meet up wot the ever developing scamming mechanism.

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it definitely will, from the information reaching me, the brains behind it are way out of this world.

Top class developers that will give you a run for your money

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We will give them all the necessary support
When the arrive

Good to have them coming bro our rescue from the basic and complex scammers

When you saw top notch brained developer.

I kind of wonder, if I could


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This is such a great idea, if it could be implemented,…I would never forget Bank of Tron :joy: it was a very indelible memory and a great lesson :joy:

Do we have Lionshare on Tron?

I could vividly remember that I did Lionshare Smart contract on Ethereum that is the period Eth gas fees was skyrocketed :fire:

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There is lionshare tron. I did an investment there and lost all my funds and the funds of my downlines. It was a pure scam.

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Lets wait and see, tron will be on fire very soon.

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Oh I see, very sad but am glad you learn through the lost


In crypto everyday is a learning day. Those who were scammed with me from the very beginning didnt want anything to do with crypto ever again.

But those of us who were never going to back down has now seen the ways and means to enjoy in this game.


Yeah very true, some of them quit and tag crypto in general scam :joy: not knowing that crypto is the future, sometimes you lose or fail just to learn new things


I started with almost ten people, only one person stayed in the game till this day in the prrson of @Atokwasi.

When i started making my first thousands of dollars in crypto, those who left came back and asked how i made it.

I told them through dedication and perseverance.
They didnt have the time to go through what i went through so they went and never came back again.


To succeed in life is all about consistency, patience, endurance and nevertheless the burning desire to achieve greater things
Once you persevere you must conquer

Kudos to @Atokwasi For being brave and standing strong till this moment, there is always light :candle: at the end of tunnel


Most definitely, there is light and the light will shine on us again very soon.



I have similar storyline

I start Tron/CRYPTO 2020
With group of friends that I thought I would learnt from them

The encountered their loses , they left CRYPTO and tagged it Ponzi scheme.

The left me, only for me to meet you guys here .



They left, their loss, i just hope you make your first million dollars in crypto very soon, so that your life will be a testimony for them to never lose hope.

One day we will get there :grinning::grinning:


For sure bro, it’s a gradual process