Cost around the World to mine 1 BTC

I thought this was interesting as a lot of places can have profitable mining set-up businesses for BTC. A lot of benefits to Lebanon being the cheapest, I wonder why their electricity is so cheap?


I would be a millionaire in Lebanon with $0.26k mining BTC

it is interesting to see that Lebanon has the cheapest electricity costs for Bitcoin mining.

But I’m concerned, why are most miners not from there?


wow, and they are taking advantage of this?

I see some of them in Ghana selling kitchen wares. It seems they are not aware of this.

Their government should also get in.


lack of knowledge I think, not all have heard about it and not all are interested just like any other country

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Oh my goodness, why are you this wicked.
Same I see them too selling House appliances.

Not certain if the know of this mining opportunity

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Maybe are there other rules or regulations that stop them from mining?.

This got my attention to my country.?

With $7.7k.
Still cheap for some persons but not for me.

Ghana is like price of BTC in dip… lols


so they are there too :joy::joy::joy: I see

They have to idea about bitcoin, I will ask them anytime I get contact with them

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Hmmm very expensive in Ghana, btc mining is not an option in Ghana

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This is eye opener
It’s important to note that these are just estimates
And the actual cost of mining bitcoin can vary
depending on a number of factors, such as

  • The efficiency of the mining rig,
  • The cost of electricity, and
  • The difficulty of the mining algorithm.
    Not forgetting
  • Cost of mining tools.

Well, I have a idea.
In some country’s that are cheap.
I believe people can team up to
Make up for this mining cost of electricity.

Infact that is where collaboration and Partnership comes in.

In fact I’m shock of Lebanon with it cheapest electricity costs for BTC MINING.

I’m now wondering about Her cost of living?

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mmmm can’t tell. Mining a btc cost $2600 (electricity charges) and btc now is around 26000. So you can make over 10k
How much is a miner?
and aside a miner what do you need again to mine

The cost of a BTC miner can vary depending on the hash rate, power consumption, and efficiency of the miner.

In addition to a miner, you will also need:

  • A high-speed internet connection ( not free, comes with cost

  • A dedicated power supply( assumption you on Lebanon lols.

  • A cool and dry place to store the miner( cost of space too

  • A mining pool


so give me fair prices based on what you have said. If only you know

Lols, see me see problem o.
If only I know the current cost prices of THOSE.

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: let’s migrate to Lebanon

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I believe I remain where I’m staying,

The cost have favourable cost of electricity
But others things not favourable.

Mining in Nigeria not a bad idea. Lols.

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The difference in electricity tariffs across countries here is really interesting, with Lebanon and Iran being the cheapest. For Iran I could understand cause they’re a rapidly growing nuclear nation that’s been arousing concerns from the west and being hit with sanctions to curb their nuclear arsenal productivity but Lebanon has alot of explaining to do but as we Nigerians would say; “evidence dey”. Nigeria at $7.71k is bullish asf. And also, what are the figures for North Korea? I don’t see it anywhere.
Also, mining in Germany and China from the statistics provided looks like a suicide mission.


I think most of the citizens are yet to understand how it works,… moreover there government eyes might never discovered it
Once more people get involved and by any means discovered it, boom :boom: some spike difference,… just give it time :ok_hand:

But I will be relocating to Lebanon :joy: before it boomed



This Nursery songs that reminds me of
… Who discovered Mongo park?

Now that @WindsOfChange92 have made this known to us.
Our next QUESTIONS should be.

  • When relocating to
  • When start mining there.

Maybe the no awareness to the people there yet.


do you have the funds to relocate?