Cukies Brain Buzz - The Ultimate Trivia Challenge!

Thank you! The Hackatron tournaments have already ended, but we will host new tournaments with more prizes very soon! :desert_island:


Congrats to everyone that participated and won a prize in the tournament :clap:

Hey team, I like the concept of your project. The opportunity to learn while having fun and earning some rewards from it is great. I enjoyed testing your game. I noticed that the question spans from different topics and I will like to know if there will be a future upgrade where players will chance the area they want to be tested on eg; a user chosing to answer questions from blockchain or sports or financial field

Thanks for testing the game, @Chizz! :slight_smile:

Absolutely, we are planning to add new game options and ways to play, including tournaments focused on specific topics.

Hello Cukies World team,

You have received the Ecosystem Prize, I congratulate your team. Keep building

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Congrats on your great work and on receiving the Ecosystem Prize prize :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: