D-Safe Library Game - for children, adults and plants

You are really trying to be working very hard and to be coming up with new new update even after Hackathon announcement, keep it up, thank you


Massive updates from the team. keep up the good work team :raised_hands:

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Thanks to you and others on this thread who showed a keen interest in the product !

Have you explored the Cooperative/Africa section of the library yet?

This is a screenshot from the previous version.

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Thanks :wink:

I took the purple color suggestion, and it looks quite good (I had to make it a bit lighter for a better contrast though…)

Did you have a chance to look @ the Crypto/legal section of the library ? There is some interesting content for real life applications of alternative community currencies, credit unions, CICs (community interest companies), Community Land trusts, and more.

I have much more content to upload and share, but I haven’t got the head space to add them to the index yet.

I am in the process of connecting with the Commons network, and I am sure they have big quality content that will be added to this library in the future - once I am part of the circle.


Not stopping anytime soon !

A :snail: that never stops moving will always go further than a :rabbit2: that stops, eats and naps too much.


Thats the spirit :muscle: team

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Don’t stop, never stop.
That’s quite commendable.

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I am very liking everything about how you outline all details with topics that go together


Thank you so much @OnChainVision for helping me deploying the main-net contract !

Just for you, a nice gencraft generated kookaburra , with the sound in the video !


Hello everyone,

I am sorry I couldn’t get the Book reader implemented for the latest MVP, I had to move place unexpectedly, and also rest.

I fixed a cupl eof major bugs though, specially the book download now works perfectly fine.

I also started new facebook page, and getting finalized the twitter one for you to like & follow.

Please come like the new facebook page here :wink:

Planning to reach 500 followers by the end of August with a good marketing AI campaign.

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You are sayin’ good marketing AI campaing and stealing other people’s images without consent!!! @SimbadMarino this guy is developing all social media contents by violating copyright rights. Additionally, none of the photos and images they use in their games belong to them. I checked them all. All stolen (just use google image search to see it). This project is far from originality and good ethics!! I recommend you to examine it immediately!!! @EMerchant @Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @Nana66419 @Chukseucharia

@Thanasis, you should really consider getting a job! :joy:

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Thank you for policing ! We all need people like you.
To learn more about the licence used by my project, visit this link:

Those comments you see on my profile page are popping every 15 minutes, and are scams.
( I keep hiding them )
Clicking on the URL from the scammer will redirect you to some page that has nothing to do with facebook. Here are few of them:

feel free to do the resolution process yourself, and let me know at which stage they will ask your bank details. ( I haven;t tried - I usually enjoy trolling Scammer’s time )

Scam 1

Scam link 2 - This one is blocked by my ISP

Scam link 3

Scam link 4 (this one seems dead now)

Also, would you mind elaborate how I can steal creative common content that is licensed under Non-Commercial, Non modification and Attribution ?

Also, this is not a business, I am not selling anything, this whole thing is under my legal personal name, therefor - I only answer legally to common law request and I am not required to follow the corporate law requirements: I am not a corporation.

I am in the process of replacing all AI generated images with human made artwork, in contact with some students willing to publish their work under the D-Licence.

Maybe you got triggered by something, in the LIbrary that you didn’t like. In this case, I invite you send me some feedback, or complain, or question that I will gladly answer.

I would like you to reconsider your accusations of stealing people’s content without consent.

If you feel sorry about this, don’t worry - apologies accepted. I invite you to scam the scammers - instead of video binging, it is fun to troll them from time to time, an activity I enjoy doing when I have free time to lose, get a scammer on the phone, and make them believe I am dumb . So satisfying. (My favorite part is that line: ok, let’s do this… Ohh Wait, something is on in the kitchen, stay on the line, I’ll be back in less than a minute — wait 5 minutes — see if he’s still around, and repeat, bait him, and make him wait another 5 min…

maybe you are not familiar with the Commons philosophy, I invite you to read this book.

And some images I “extracted” from this book.

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Hello @lawpond

You have received the Determination Prize, I congratulate your team. Keep building


Ohhh tron team, you can’t imagine how that makes my day ^^

Now, I can go pass on the second gear !

Keep updated, more updates coming soon !


Congrats on your work man and on receiving the Determination Prize prize :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

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Congratulations team. well deserved :raised_hands:

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@lawpond Congrats! Your hard work really paid off!

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congratulations team

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Congratulations to you, I am believing and trusting your project D safe library is a great one

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