Donats by Qoppe - A service that helps streamers get financial support from fans through TRON!

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2 - @Jido12 & @youvandra

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At Donats, our vision is to create an innovative donation platform utilizing Web3 blockchain technology on the TRON network for creators. We aim to provide an easy-to-use solution for fans to support their favorite creators with modern payments and high transparency. By utilizing TRON technology, we seek to remove traditional payment barriers and empower creators to receive support directly from their community.

Donats helps streamers to get financial support from their streaming audience, with one-off support instead of a subscription. Not for live streaming but can be integrated with platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc.

We are committed to providing a satisfying donation experience that adds value to all parties involved.

Project Value:

Donats allows fans to show financial support to their favorite creators. This helps strengthen the bond between the creator and their community, creating a deeper sense of engagement.

Through Donats, viewers can recognize the effort and skill of the creator. This can provide a morale boost and motivation for streamers to keep improving their content.

For some creators, Donats can be a significant source of income. It can help them develop a career in the online entertainment industry and allow them to allocate more time and resources to improve the quality of their content.

Donats allow viewers to feel like they have a part in the success and growth of the creators they support. This creates a deeper sense of engagement and increases the sense of community around the creator’s channel.

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Project-Info-Donats.pdf (3.4 MB)

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Donats Website

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Instruction can be found in the project info (pdf) pages 8-11.

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Details can be found in the project info (pdf) pages 2-6.

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Q3 2024:

Adding content and interaction, not only real-time notifications when fans donate to the creators but furthermore we will create :

  1. MediaShare

MediaShare is a feature that allows viewers to submit media such as images, videos, or sound clips to be displayed during live streaming.

  1. Leaderboard

Leaderboard is a list or table that displays the largest contributions from donors during live streaming.

Contribution data from processed donations is automatically entered into the leaderboard, which is then updated in real time during the broadcast.

  1. Running Text

Running text is a running text that is displayed on the screen during live streaming to convey donation messages, thank you notes, or other important information to the audience.

  1. Subathon

Subathon are special events organized by creators with the aim of increasing the number of donations on their streaming platform. Subathon works by increasing the creator’s streaming time for every viewer who donates.

  1. Milestone

Milestones are certain milestones in donations set by the streamer, such as the total amount of donations collected or the achievement of certain time targets. Milestones can also be used as a motivational driver to encourage more participation in donating.

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

This looks like a promising project with a clear vision: creating a user-friendly donation platform for streamers using TRON blockchain technology.

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Hey, thanks, yes, we have a very clear vision and long-term project. Not only for streamers but this platform can also be used by content creators to get an appreciation for their work from their fans, with a drawback: they cannot be real-time alert like streamers.

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, this was really fun to read from start to finish.
I see the aim is to facilitate financial support for creators using Web3 blockchain technology on the TRON network.

How does Donats ensure the security and transparency of transactions on the TRON network?

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6.

Since your platform support a one-off financial support for developers, what makes you think that developers will like to adopt your platform in sharing their contents since the bulk of money they earn is from periodic payment from their subscribers?

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You are welcome buddy, expecting more from you and your team members.

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There may be a misunderstanding in recognizing donats, streamers do not share their content with donats, but donats as a bridge for streamers to get financial support from their viewers, our way is to provide an overlay that is a real-time alert, for viewers to donate then give a message, and the message and donation will be read in real-time on the stream.
We developed a traditional streaming donation platform to be easy by using TRON payments, so that content creators / streamers will prefer us as a replacement, because the method we use is much better, easier, cheaper fees, compared to traditional donation platforms.

on the traditional streaming donation platform we cannot see the flow of our money, then the money we have made and our account is easily taken by irresponsible parties, but with TRON payments, we can see the flow of donation money through tronscan, there we can see how much real donations we make, by making simple functions on smart contracts, streamers are easy to track their finances, and in the withdrawal process, only their wallet can withdraw their money, and other advantages, there are no bank operating hours, content creators / streamers are easy to withdraw their money at any time.

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That’s a significant advantage of utilizing TRON payments for donation platforms like Donats. The transparency provided by Tronscan enhances trust between creators and their supporters, ensuring that donations are accurately tracked and accessible to the intended recipients.

To further optimize the user experience, have you considered implementing additional security measures to safeguard creators’ wallets and funds?

I like your idea to combine web3 world with web2

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HI welcome to the season 6!

I like your interface bro

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Hi, Thank you, because we use an easy-to-use and simple interface, so that content creators have no difficulty using the features on our platform, so that they can stay focused on the content they create.

Hello Donats team! your project is interesting indeed as it bridges web2 with web3 for streamers.

Have you identified any potential legal issue or user agreement constraint by not using the “de-facto” payment system on streaming platforms like tweech, youtube, etc?

Do you have any risk of being banned by the platforms by using Donats?

Keep on building! :slight_smile:

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hello, very good question, in this era streaming platforms such as youtube or twitch have no restrictions on donation platforms to get appreciation from viewers such as donats as a third party. so it is very unlikely that streamers will be banned for using donats.


Very nice app design.
I have a question: Are you planning to add the option to make donations with TRC20 tokens (like USDT), in addition to the native TRX token?

YOur website is so user–friendly and kinda cute. I tested it and works well for me. I wanna ask some questions but first I prefer to check source codes. Would you guys please share me your code repository or I can just send my mail address and you send it there. I’ll be checking my message replies.