Forum Activity of Project Owner Teams

(This topic was opened to get general information and forum users’ opinions)

Hello everyone,

There are 5 days left until the end of the Pre-selection Round and some teams are not paying much attention to the forum. There are times when we are all busy and cannot log in. However, it is paramount to regularly answer questions about our projects and listen to the opinions of forum users.

If the project owner teams, who were not very active before due to various reasons, write their projects under this topic, we can come and examine them and ask new questions so that we increase activeness also in those projects. In this way, promising projects will not be left behind.

Dear friends, what do you think?


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Feel free to comment/ask questions :ok_hand::handshake:


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Are the project owners only active on forum? Maybe they can also work in other social media platforms of websites etc to improve their projects if I’m not mistaken or else please inform me

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I really do see things from your own perspective here and I totally understand forum activity and engagements been consistent and non-optional in this instance but I feel sometimes it’s quite tasking to balance irl obligations and forum tasks but as project owners 24hrs+ being away from the forum is way overboard, multitasking does it, constant/short breaks also does it, thank you!


Yes, you are absolutely right, it is a topic opened just because it is easier to examine more projects and reach them from here. However, we also had the opportunity to examine a few new projects after opening a topic, so we are very happy.

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Yes, each project owner usually has their own social media account and a user base there. Still, we wanted to write here so that no project is left behind. We are also leading a project and we want to show more respect for everyone’s efforts.

One of our first goals is to examine all projects and learn from them. Love to all teams


I guess on discussion part someone just listed’em all better take a look it looks cooll

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I totally get your point

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