HackaTRON S3 community topics - $5K in prizes!

Thanks for giving us another opportunity to showcase what we have.

S2 was great and I have seen a lot of improvements in some of the participants projects. Others too are no where no be found. Can’t mention names. But it’s all good
Let those people to want to build, build. It’s good for them. @TuruGlobal, Tronbies, @JustMoney and others are building and it’s good to see them building always whether they win or not.

Good luck to all S3 participants

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That’s fantastic, creating a list of winners from season 1 and 2 to check if they are really delivering what they promised will go a long way to simplify things.

But as u said, there are Pros and Cons. With the pros being digging up those that really worked after winning and putting them in the limelight for all to see, this will one way or the other help these projects to get new investors, partners and also collaborations from forum members.

For season one i know @JustMoney and versacbrick from the camp of @TuruGlobal are still seriously building like crazy.

For season two too i can still vouch for @JustMoney @justrugnft @TuruGlobal, Tronbies, Debawulf pack and others that are continuously offering their best.

With the Cons; it will be like digging up those who won something substantial but actually delivered nothing both in season 1 and 2.
Creation of the list in one way or the other will serve as a “name and shame approach”

I wouldn’t want to mention names but i know my director @fabsltsa will do us the honor of creating such a wonderful list for us, to help us identify all these projects. Thank you :pray:


Director :joy::joy::joy:

As I said the goal isn’t to shame those that haven’t kept building but kinda gives valuable data to trondao (how many projects are still building, which approach gave the best results in term of % of projects keeping building), helps projects that are active to get more visibility (no matter if they’ve won the first or 5th place, so it gives the opportunity for the “small winners” as well to stand out from the crowd) and gives to the community an idea about which projects are supposedly here for the long term.

About the previous winners who are still active, the list can be extended to a lot of other teams like tronninjas, dCloud, USTX, Cubie, Tronbies, Intercrone, Nole, Ennovasol,….


That kind of list will be a very great source of information. Maybe the team will look into it and do it as time goes by. :blush::blush:

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Wow @fabsltsa if we do a word count you would be the topper of the forum :smile::smile:


I hope the quality follows the quantity haha


wow $5k for a community member :astonished:


Nah I guess it will be split among 10 winners

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Hi guys, thanks for staying active while we are helping the hackathon team to manage hackathon-related tasks in hopes to stop spammers and scammers from taking advantages in the hackathon.

We have some lovely suggestions in this thread and we will be sure to give a detailed response later.

For now, the TRON DAO team have been following up with S2 winners progress and @EMerchant will be able to share some updates with us.

The TRON DAO team is discussing the possibility of allowing milestone payments with potential hackathon platform providers for next year so we can ensure that the prizes are given out to those that actually put in effort to deliver a working and useful project for our community!


That would be great, I think the milestone payments which were there in Season 1 were a good thing. Of course it means more follow up is needed, but it also ensures much more commitment of the projects though it was a bit stressy at times.


Thanks for the update here.

This response is an acknowledgement that we are heard.

Please consider to contemplate on smaller prizes too.


I’m a fan of the milestones payments cause projects are getting the funds as the product is getting developed/improved and helps trondao to keep track of the winners.

Ive suggested a while ago on telegram an other kind of prize as well, maybe some people here will like the proposition:
The creation of prizes in energy/bandwidth for some new projects. For instance 1 million energy and 2000 bandwidth daily for runners-up or something like that.


Hi everyone! So glad to see so much passion on this forum - it is inspiring that we have such a dedicated community to ensure the TRON community evolves after every hackathon.

As @TronLive mentioned I’ve been following up with S2 winners and here are a few updates that we’re excited to share:

ScoreMilk was recently featured on a TRON ATB episode and they have recently created a new game called Klysm.

NRG went live recently and is ready for Tronics to rent and provide energy.

Cukies created a new login interface along and updates to the cooperation mode.

TronVerse is back in S3 with an update on PVP gameplay.

Apexgo is also back in S3 with an update by making their NFT API public.

Allbridge is working with members of the TRON DAO for some potential activations.

The following projects are also planning on continuing development including adding major features, getting out of the testing phase and moving into Mainnet, and building a community:

Hikaru Finance

I agree with the community’s mentions about the milestones moving forward beyond Season 3.

If anyone from the community has other ideas to help the TRON team add other ideas please do not hesitate to reply to this message.


Remove the runners-up cash prizes and change it for a energy/bandwidth prize? Or add an energy/bandwidth prize for all winners to motivate people to deploy contracts?


We have seen some good suggestions here, let’s make it a question for the rest of the community to answer:

Q. What can we do to make HackaTRON S4 better, please state the reasons for your suggestions.

Q. We can see that although TRON DAO is doing a lot of promotion for S3, and even Devpost is promoting our HackaTRON S3 more often, it is getting harder to attract developers to join during a crypto bear market. What out-of-the-box idea do you have to attract more developers to S4?


Bear market has always proven to be a tough period to get people to build. But that can never serve as a deterrent to keep bringing in new innovations on board.

I will start by answering question one;

Q. What can we do to make HackaTRON S4 better, please state the reasons for your suggestions.

Answer: To make HackaTRON S4 better, these are the key areas i will be looking at.

Firstly, Encouraging community engagement; why am i saying this, most developers in their quest to submit their projects may have overlooked some one or two areas, it is through community engagement, that their attention can be drawn to it.

Example: a project wants to give donor small interest on their donations, but through community engagement, someone proposed that, why don’t you give the interest accrued on my donation to charity, while i take back the actual amount i donated, in this instance the donor loses nothing.
It is only through community engagement that such brilliant ideas can pop up.

Secondly, i think there should be an ideation portal, as PLO Lumumba said and i quote “Those with ideas, have no power and those with power have no ideas” if his quotation is indeed true, why dont we help out these developers. There are some people in the community with great ideas but they are not developers, why dont we create a portal for them where they can propose their ideas, developers will visit these portal, check through the ideas and see if there is something they build around it. I prefer to call it the ideation portal, a place where concepts and ideas are formed.

And lastly, there should be something inspirational about S4 HackaTRON, what are we garnering for, are we eradicating world hunger through blockchain, are we making the earth green again through blockchain, there should be a theme to inspire developers.

Now to the second question:

Q. We can see that although TRON DAO is doing a lot of promotion for S3, and even Devpost is promoting our HackaTRON S3 more often, it is getting harder to attract developers to join during a crypto bear market. What out-of-the-box idea do you have to attract more developers to S4?

Alot of promotions is being done, that is for sure, but why are we not reaching our target audience this bring me to the point of Marketing Strategies, if twitter is the place where we thought we can get developers, lets add others areas too like facebook, tiktok, Snapchat etc lets widen our net and in this case we can catch more fish.

Secondly, i will consider getting partners and sponsors of great reputation that developers recognize and respect, imagine if google and IBM are sponsors and partners of s4. (Just an example) this will spark alot of energy and bring in alot of developers all around the world.

Lastly, we can send mails to different university faculties about HackaTRON s4 and see if deans of these faculties will bring their students on board. Sending a mail to the faculty of computer science in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology will bring alot of people onboard. After all this platform will give them the opportunity to put their theories to practice.

This is purely my opinion, i know other people might have different opinions. But if you find my opinion offensive in anyway, I apologize!

Thank you :pray:



Is it fine for members to connect with other creators asking for “You scratch my back & I scratch yours”. Vote exchanging.

Shall this be tracked by messages on the platform?
Or shall it be open and allowed for everyone?


Connection between creators is a good thing if only it will help both projects to grow to benefit the Tron community.

But in the term of “Vote Exchange” is bad, it is on the same level as rigging of elections. And such approaches always impede the growth of all the projects involved.

The best who can deliver is not awarded and the not too good who wont deliver is awarded.

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Milestone payment is good in one sense and in some other sense not so good.

It is good in the sense that it will easily help the Tron Dao identify the progress of each projects, and also projects knowing what is at stake will do everything in their power to complete and get the reward.

But lets take a project like Palm T from the camp of @justrugnft, (just for example). Let say they win in the NFT section, Palm trees will take like three to four years to mature for you to harvest, so if care is not taken, they would have have to wait quite a long time for some of their milestone to be accomplished. But in the waiting, they will water seedlings, they will do weeding, they will fertilize the crop, all these require money. The inflation in this part of our world is even worst, something that might cost a dollar today, will cost five dollars tomorrow and in the end, the money will depreciate in value.

So let’s consider everything and find a common ground. Thank you


Inflation is a very good point here.

The timeline shall be limited which also keeps the project relevant in this fast changing world.

So, it is better to avoid projects which will mature after 5 years. The encouragement shall be for projects delivering in a year.

To be honest, I invested in TRON a long back but until recently I did not know that it has smart contract capabilities. (Yes, investment was done without much research)
But now when I know about it, I would like to see more dApps being built in the ecosystem to keep the value of native token intact.