How do Voters win prices?

Under the notice for the Hackathon, there’s info that voters with meaningful contributions are eligible to win prices to the tune of $500, my question is how do voters go about it, how is it judged, the information is either too vague for me or I’m too dumb to understand the requirements.

Any info on this please


My understanding is that the prizes will be awarded by TronDAO depending on the user contribution to the discussions on the forum. I don’t think there are hard requirements for winning.


You know that’s what I see as the hard requirements, a loose statements, judges view of contributions to the discussion. :frowning_face:

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They have analytics of the forum. It is quite easy for them to find the most active members. Then probably check the profiles with high activity to make sure people aren’t just saying generic responses like “Wow”, “Great Post”, or “Amazing work” but actually contributing meaningful, and thoughtful stuff. They will most likely eliminate people sticking to 1 topic/project topic too.

As a user, it’s a bit harder to check this but I can see your activity on your account page.


Thanks for this post!!

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For me, the requirements for winning are very strong.

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Still don’t how this would work though but hopefully the judges would do right by us.

Cheers people

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Okay this makes sense, I guess they should be able to see user activities and judge

  1. active members
  2. Active members with meaningful contribution