How i missed $500 in the TronDao Forum

The world is full of happenings, the good, the bad, the beauty and the ugly. But in all cases the experience gotten from these happenings is what shapes up a man.

I have missed alot of money from 2021 through to 2022 but the one that really got to me was how i missed my $500 win in the season two hackathon.

It all began when i joined the forum, as a new member i was keen on getting my basic user badge and getting myself ready to cast my vote when the time was right. I read all the necessary informations on the platform and realized community contributors can also earn something from their contributions.

I checked the number of users on the platform and we were over 5000 members, i knew I didn’t stand a chance so i ignored the hunt for bonus prize and focused on what actually brought me here.

I glanced through almost all the projects, made some suggestions, recommendations and asked questions where appropriate. Little did i know my contribution were being seen and noted.

The time came for us to cast our votes, i did my voting, went into hibernation for sometime and came back to check if the projects i voted for had won any prizes.

The first project i was rooting for was the AfricaStars project from the camp of @TuruGlobal, we didnt win the ultimate prize in Devpost but we won first place in the community prize.

I was somehow disappointed, i went straight into hibernation without visiting the forum again for almost two months.

I logged in again during season three only to find out my notifications and messages were super heated with messages and notifications from @admin.hackathon, @TronLive and @support.hackathon.

The message read, you were selected as one of the winners for the community contributor prize and we have been trying to reach you but to no avail, kindly reach us after getting this message as soon as possible.

My blood became hot and i was filled with joy, i hurriedly contacted them only for them to break the news to me that, the timeline for collection has elapse and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I accepted it in good faith because lo que sera sera.

From that day i learnt two things;

  1. When doing things, do it with all your heart and mind and forget about a reward you will receive at the end, because if it is indeed meant for you, it will surely come to you.

  2. Always be regular and punctual with all activities you have endeavored to involve yourself in, you might never know what you missed in your moment of absence.

My final thoughts;

I can sense most community members this season are in for the cash prize hence making contributions in some way quite inorganic, questions asked are not realistic and people are not really putting in enough human touch and personal reasoning to asking of these questions.

Some questions and some answers too are in some way fishy and sound like AI.
I dont want to mention names, but i asked a question and the answer i got, I couldn’t make a head or tail from it. I hope the @admin.hackathon puts a mechanism in place to check these bad actors

Lets help build a strong formidable community devoid of foul play through this and only this tron blockchain can achieve the success we are all looking for



Thank you mate for this motivational

I have learnt alots
I will have to save this so I can fall back too.

I could understand the pains of not seeing the project you voted for not winning.

All what we doing in the forum
As contributor are been watched and noted.

It is well


Can I write you on telegram?


@Im_Gor is my user


Well analyzed article, permit me to publish this in a magazine :grin:

From day 1 you have been a great contributor to this forum, keep it up sirđź’Ş
Keep soaring higher
Nevertheless keep doing what you know how to do best :clap:
Remain blessed :pray:



Hope also you would make reference to @Nana66419


Took down my Telegram app some few weeks ago, planning to be back on telegram and twitter after a case that is currently in court in Ghana.

People will follow you everywhere on social media just to get information to indict you. Once the verdict is out and we are victorious, for which i know we would, i would bounce back heavily on all my social media handles.


Permission granted my brother. As @Gordian said, provided credit is given to who credit is due i have no issue at all.

And thank you for the compliment, i know you to also be a strong pillar in this forum. Keep the good work up.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: if he doesn’t, @fabsltsa will find him and tell him it was a copy and paste with evidence, my Marechal never disappoints.


Give honour to whom is due :grin:
In that case all credit remain yours :handshake:


Lols I can understand
Will be willing to dig out copy and paste without reference

Good job


So good you acknowledge that fact too


Well said

Once again

Thanks for the lovely Information and story you shared with us

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School issues.All is well


Nice article

Once bitten,twice shy.Nothing succeeds like success and nothing fails like failure.BBF


Oh I understand
All the best
Victory is yours

Social media can be hell
To an extent

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Cuando se empieza en el foro si no eres desarrollador, formas parte de alguna comunidad de un proyecto que se presenta en el hackathon , te sientes perdido hasta que interactuas con el foro, comentas, recavas información y también pones tu grano de arena.
Mi experiencia también fué en el S2, recibía correos del equipo de Tron, pero eran unos momentos de mucha ocupación y no podía atenderlos.
Al fín abrí mis correos y pude ver que había sido gandor del premio a la comunidad, en mi caso llegué a tiempo.


Oh brother, the information reaching me is some Mass transfer things, man make hot

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Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

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Thank you for understanding my brother, when all is set and done you will hear from me.


Thats great, I wasn’t so lucky, I arrived very late, but it was a lesson learnt.

You are one of the few people that keeps the forum going whether hackathon or no hackathon and you really deserve to be rewarded. Also part of the three members from the community to be awarded the regular badge, that is not an easy task.

I am wishing you well this season too my boss, may your sacrifices for the community never go unnoticed.