June Discussion: This month at TRON

Hello Tronics,

The month of June has ended and I would like to recap some of the important events! Staying informed on recent events will help users make informed decisions for the future. We appreciate all feedback provided by our Community members and we love to hear your responses in the comments below :sunny:

Proposal #560: Adjust parameters of bandwidth model

In recent months, the transaction volume has grown rapidly on TRON. The daily network transaction volume exceeds 11 million which is roughly 11 times that of Ethereum. Per the GItHub proposal below:

“some accounts use daily free bandwidth to send large amount of low-value transactions, encroaching on network resources and seriously affecting the development of the entire ecology.”

To help reduce these low-value transactions GitHub proposal #560 offers to change the daily free bandwidth for an account from 1500 to 600.

TRON remains the #1 blockchain for daily transactions!

Having a blockchain with the highest number of daily transactions indicates a high level of adoption and usage. A high number of daily transactions reflects the efficiency of the blockchain. This can also attract more participants to join and utilize the network.

TRON remains the #1 blockchain for active addresses!

Having a blockchain with the highest number of daily users represents a vibrant and active ecosystem. An active ecosystem can help develop new solutions and services. A blockchain with a large number of daily users generates valuable insight for on-chain data.

The continued high number of transactions and users can create a positive Network Effect. Network effect can create a positive feedback loop which can attract more users, developers, and businesses to participate in the ecosystem.

I hope everyone continues to have a great summer and we look forward to the next month!


thank you bro. I think reducing the daily bandwidth is good per the reason given. It will affect others too but this is to help the entire ecosystem.

We look forward for more good news like this. More active users and more transactions


Thank you for the recap, I think reducing the free bandwidth is not a bad move, as long as it’s for the betterment of the ecosystem :fire:
As transactions and active users keep increasing, I hope the price will follow up in the race


Gracias por el resumen compartido, concuerdo con mis compañeros si el reducir el ancho de banda es para ayudar al ecosistema, adelante y que sigan creciendo los usuarios.