Low interest in the Integration category in season6

Even though it is a new category, we would like to see interesting and creative projects in the integration category. I’ve been looking specifically for weeks, but the number of projects could only be 8.

What do you think is the reason why developers prefer this category less?


One potential reason developers might be less inclined to work on integration projects could be due to the complexity and challenges associated with integrating different systems, technologies, or platforms.
Integration projects often require a deep understanding of multiple systems and their APIs, as well as strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot issues and ensure that data flows seamlessly between systems.

Additionally, integration projects can be time-consuming and require significant technical expertise, which may deter some developers from taking on these types of projects. Developers may also be more drawn to working on projects that involve building new or innovative technologies, rather than integrating existing systems.

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Something big is coming to integration :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


:eyes::eyes::eyes: just money wonderful hahaha

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Just.money integrating other protocols? :eyes:

I think the reason could be devs not really being aware of the specific things they need to qualify being eligible in the integration category :thinking:

That’s :100: correct. I’ve found the terms used in the track description very confusing. Are the protocols listed the ones that have to be integrated or are they simply sponsoring the track? Hence I’ve been asking around why projects have chosen that track. I had to also dm admins to verify if the secret big entry that is joining soon :eyes: should be there or in web3. And it has been confirmed that integration is the track that suits the most this entry.
Hopefully rules will be more clear for the next season, if the track stays.

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Nice! We are expecting

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Yes, I hope in future hackathons, the term will be made simplier for devs to understand what they actually need to fit into the integration track

Sure it should be well explained I think