NEFTME - “Create to Earn” NFT´s social network app

Project Name: NEFTME
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: NEFTME
Team Members: @neftme
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Project Goal: So far, “traditional” social networks (web2) are centralized, where most of the value created is controlled and belongs to an entity, paid by advertisers for our attention, while users fight for followers and likes as a measurement of perceived success, fame, and ego reinforcement.
NEFTME is a “Create to Earn” NFTs social network app, where its users can monetize by creating content in NFT format, whether in photo, video, or sound.

Project Description:

How it All Began!

What is NEFTME?

NEFTME is a “Create to Earn” NFTs social network app, where its users can monetize by creating content in NFT format, whether in photo, video, or sound.

This NFTs social network allows its users to buy, sell and invest in each other content, making them earn $NEFT tokens, which can be swapped for money!

Finally, we developed NEFTME Challenges, a new and fun way to communicate, that allows users to challenge each other in exchange for tokens.

The concept is super simple. You can propose to your friends 3 types of challenges: “surprise me”, “challenge me” or, If you are creative, “write your own challenge.” Once they accept, they will have 24h to submit the completed challenge to you…

NEFTME Core Features

  • Neftme allows its users to buy, sell and invest (Staking), in each other’s content, making them earn $NEFT tokens, based on the % for the community defined for each NFT previously created, on the number of tokens “locked” at the time on the NFT, and in the number of people already “locked” on that NFT. Finally, users will be able to swap $NEFT Tokens for money!

  • Users will be able to share with their friends all the cool collectibles they have whether in photo, video, or sound.

  • Challenge their friends in exchange for tokens! Challenges will be in the form of NFTs and can be a picture, video or sound!

  • Lives: allow users to donate NEFTs while another user is doing a livestream. Or ask the users to pay x NEFTs to be able to view the live session.

NEFTME Explainer Video

NEFTME Pitch Deck



I’m always thinking about business and business strategies to succeed and test new disruptive ideas for the market. I always want to shorten the flows of any process or create things that have never been seen, creating a need for the market.

On the other hand (and speaking of perseverance), NEFTME is a perfect example where with only 25k$, we managed to create our MVP (without big support and financing, with the market in total bear market) and we are heading in the right direction. , even without great resources but always focused on success. We are currently in alpha 4 version, which makes us the right example of believing and fighting for success

Basically I believe that NEFTME compiles 3 different worlds: very strong people in the tech area (both in web2 and web3), very competent people in the area of operations, continuous improvement and optimization of processes and people with a very large network of contacts ( at the level of global personalities) that will make a difference in terms of the go to market strategy and the traction of the dApp at the end point.

NEFTME team is a multitasked team with background and experience on both web2 and web3 worlds.

  • João Domingos is a born entrepreneur! Advisor at SHARKCODERS, the first network of tech schools in Portugal and CEO and Co-Founder of NEFTME, a “Create to Earn” NFT´s social network app, where it’s users can monetize by creating content in NFT format, whether in photo, video, or sound.

  • Valter Silva is a born social freak with lots of brains, who started as a Kaizen consultant living in London, to later become a really well related guy, with a career on modeling besides his consultant life, who ended up achieving the best of both intellectual and social worlds. basically, always connecting the right dots, with the right people. As an example, Valter have close friends in Farfetch and WME, which will give us a lot of traction on the end point of Neftme, making world impact, fast!

  • Andreas Vilela, the tech guy! Developed the World Record Game “Kill the Duck”. Serial tech entrepreneur with +30M software users worldwide. Founder of SHARKCODERS - Geniuses of Tomorrow, the 1st network of tech schools in Portugal, teaching coding skills, creating games, apps, robotics for Kids & Teens, Founder of Talent Protocol and summing all up is a tech beast!

  • João Rodrigues is a loyal, reliable, and very professional, With a strong knowledge on Design, brand awareness and marketing, With big names in his portfolio as Nike and Sports Direct.
    Through a combination of experience and passion in fashion and retail, João developed a strong understanding and deep-rooted enthusiasm of the fashion industry and subsequently social networks world, together with IT design development processes.ão-rodrigues-a22150153/

  • Gonçalo Marques is a multitasker and uses self-learning to move as fast as possible to solve challenges. His development skills are a key point to add value for the projects where he participates.
    With Talkdesk in his portfolio, Gonçalo is undoubtedly prepared for all the challenges that may arise.

  • Luis Neves, an entrepreneur in the making, excited for the Web3 world and what’s to come! Now decentralizing NFT’s and giving ownership to users with NEFTME - web3 social network. From Portugal to the World!

Project goals

NEFTME proposes to develop a differentiating and disruptive product on a global scale, where users can truly monetize through their own content. The NEFTME team has analyzed the market trends and feels that this is the moment to build a product like the one we are developing and which we believe will have a strong absorption in the world market.

Finally, the design of our marketing strategy and influential people from different markets and countries could be the key to our success, combined with 52 actions designed to have a strong impact on our product, in all of us.


We are currently on Alpha 4 testing phase of our dAPP and raising a Pre-seed round so we can get to Beta version in the end of the year.

Here goes our Roadmap:

$NEFT Fund raise

We are seeking $50K USD and currently on pre-seed funding raise in SAFE and SAFT models with a $NEFT Token price of $0.01 vs TGE price of $0.05 min ticket $50k


Since we are a blockchain operator with an utility token, we will be able to provide ownership to users content, based on NFTs. With this ownership we will be able to give them money, based on their content´s traction, as well as a very cool featured called CHALLENGES, that will make social interactions very fun and easy inside Neftme with our 3 types of challenges for tokens, “Surprise me”, “Challenge me” and “Write your own challenge”.
We want to target two types of users.
Target A: Young social network users, from 16 - 30 years, in developed countries
Target B: Users with mobile phones in underdeveloped countries, so they can earn some tokens, and swap them for money to pay for food and services.


MVP in 6 Months
Celo Network Creators Economy Award
Ubeswap Community Award
Integration with Node Finance (On/Off ramp, Wallet)
Contacts from several chains (Algorand, NEAR, Polygon, Solana)
1000+ users/testers waiting to be onboard


Nice to see portuguese project here.
i’m portuguese too
can i help in something ?
wish u best of lucks :wink:

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Olá João, aqui tens o meu TG Telegram: Contact @joaodomingosneftme

falamos por la, ab


This project can clearly revolutionize not only web 3, but the whole world! The idea behind the features makes perfect sense


Greetings neftme! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - NEFTME Case - 'Create to earn' NFT's social network that you have submitted in the past?


Great description and amazing project guys!


Hola, buen proyecto, en el cual los NFT tendrían un uso real.


Nice work and i must say great project

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