Realtime NFT:- NFTs that update in realtime,

Team :- Realtime NFT
members:- Ankit Mawle
Dhanvanti Bhavsar

Track:- NFT

We Built NFTs that update in realtime,
With Realtime NFT mint your own nfts on shasta tron chain that keep updating on any API of your choice**.


We always wanted more from NFT.
We thought NFT are not just arts and videos, so we decided to give NFTs a purpose to actually function in realworld scenarios.

What we built

With Realtime NFT everyone gets access to mint their own NFT which adapt to real world conditions. that to of your own choosing.

Head out to and mint your own Realtime NFT by providing few details and any API you like. and we will mint you an NFT which updates on you api updates.

Demo shown in attached video


We plan at integrating multiple use cases and scenarios with our platform,

  1. Allowing users to create their own nft collections based on our platform
  2. Multiple Scenarios API integrations
  3. Connecting with shipping companies and provide NFTs with Shipping data
  4. Build a ElonJet NFT.

Demo Video:- Realtime NFTs - YouTube
Demo site:-
Contract Address:- TXtKws8Ag4cMfTt5QALN8k9duMTufv6tUx


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Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4
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After minting realtime nfts.
What is next for users?

Can the nfts be traded on marketplace???


Bienvenido a este S4, agradecería nos diera más luz sobre el caso de uso de los NFTs, en tiempo real. Gracias


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Yes they can be traded on marketplaces, but since it is just on shasta testnet as of now, I couldn’t find any trading platform

Actually our project is more like a paas where users could mint innovative nfts with realtime updates without having any knowledge of coding. and sell them on any marketplace of their choice.

Next step would be to allow users to mint complete collections.

We would shortly get them on mainnet and add further functionality to allow users to use them at high potential


OK with this answer it means your nfts will work on any nft marketplace no extra feature will be added to the existing marketplace. I am asking this because of the real time updates. Haven’t seen some and I think this is the first time.


A few use cases would be to integrate it with marketplaces, where they could provide users with a realtime NFT at the time of purchase of the product, where its content would update in realtime to show the status of their order. you just need a tracking api and connect it/ mint with the nft and you could view its contents.

Well as a side project I would also love to add elonjet like api to a nft and try to sell it


Well the metadata of our NFTs remain same it doesn’t change, so until the marketplaces are not creating their server copy of all the images attached to nfts they will work fine, If they are creating a server copy of images, then a metadata refresh will help update the nfts

Although I am saying realtime but as of now the updates are only done on refreshing automatically, without triggering any contract or requiring to change any metadata


oh nice I get it
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Thank you everyone for your wishes


Hello everyone,
well after giving a thought, I can see most of us are having problem understanding the use cases.

So here is a new use case for Realtime NFTs.
Think of people providing paid signals for crypto buying and selling or some other things. Biggest market for that is telegram channels. with people managing telegram channels getting people to join those paid telegram channels, and managing subscriptions.

With Realtime NFTs it could be made possible hosted on completely on blockchain.
For the same I am adding a feature of owner only lockable content an tokenized gateway where users can access all of that data
I will also be adding a feature so users could create their own APIs.

So the user flow would be like, the signal seller will come to our site, login using wallet, create a api endpoint on our platform, mint a realtime NFT using those API. He would sell these to the signal buyers over a marketplace or through any other platform. Everytime the seller wants to send a signal, he can login to api platform and update the api response. which buyers could access via tokenized gateway.

With all the minted tokens a seller can show his credibility, and we could use it of many other purposes

I am planning to get it shipped by 1st may, also I would also like to move it to bttc chain so users could integrate with both TVM as well as EVM like environments.

@Prince-Onscolo @Gordian @antonio can you please give any suggestion, or pointout any things I should change or update here.


Welcome to Season 4! Good luck team!


that’s a great usecase.
If only these lockable content can only be accessed by the buyer, it will be a good feature


Welcome to Season 4!
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thank you very much, Btw please let me know if you have any suggestions.
and also can I add this as an update to my build


Wishing you all the best in this season…


Hola, mi consejo es que mandes unas imágenes para ver ese tipo de Nfts, la propuesta es buena.


Integrating it to Tvm and Evm is what I really like, that’s nice


After reading the first submission i was really lost i must say, but after clearing it up i think i now know what you are building.

So if i read right, a signal seller can mint NFTs and sell them to signal buyers. Anytime he sends a signal, holders of these NFTs can access it. Thats wonderful.

But my question is, how will the holder of this NFT get notified when a signal comes in. Will there be any notification alert or as the seller log in to update, the buyer will also have to log in to receive.

Can you please shed some little light on that for me ??