Should we have a new track ‘NEWBIE’ in S3 ?

Apart from standard tracks we have, how about introducing a 5th track called NEWBIE !
The prizepool for original 4 tracks remain the same … but lower for NEWBIE Track.
New projects with small team/community can have option to participate in either 1 … if they are confident they can choose standard track … if not then complete with other newbie… this will lessen heart burns and also provide a platform for new projects to grow organically!


i love this idea Deba! ive witnessed alot of people feel like they are being leftout because they are going up against OG projects that have been steady building for there communities. if we make it fair for everyone is should help clean up some of the negativity going around IMO :fire:


Yeah that’s the reason this idea came in my thoughts :handshake:


Nice proactive thinking my friend. hopefully we can some traction on this!


This is very good, giving new opportunity to new projects, this will had more value to the community


Great idea!! Thank you so much


For the community vote only that could be done as the community tend to vote for a team more than for a product. But judges vote for products. Is the idea original, useful, well implemented,… that’s the criteria used by the judges. And a new project can have ideas that are as good or even better than older projects.

But even for the community vote honestly I’m not sure. If they can choose between standard and newbie, and go for newbie cause they don’t feel confident against the standard one, then the level will be lower in newbie and probably not attract many users. But projects goal is to get visibility.

Now an other issue:
One team can create several projects and several teams can build a new project together. Some teams that have been around for years are participating to the current hackathon for the first time and consider themselves as outsiders. So what would be the eligibility criteria? And how can you make sure those criterias are respected?


Thanks for this suggestion it’s a great idea cause NEWBIES in the forum(Season 2) don’t seem to have a better chance on winning in except to hope for Community Contributor Prize which is also limited to 10 individuals.


Yea these should help motivate new projects more and help put them in the lamplight


The issue comes down to defining what a NEWBIE is and also kind of destroying the competition. I think TRONDAO level 3 forum members should vote on projects that didn’t get much attention for a consolation prize instead.


Yes agree it could be only for the community poll !

Newbie criteria could be :

  1. Not participated earlier
  2. New SM media accounts
  3. Working product

A lot of TRON OGs have eyes on the ecosystem; so for eg level 3 users can flag projects created by older players acting as newbies

Eventually the broader idea is to give a winning feeling to LEGIT new projects


Es una buena idea, da opción a poder presentar proyectos a otros equipos más modestos

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This is what I thought of for newbie criteria @WindsOfChange92 …this could be the starting point with additional criteria by community / DAO


I’ve thought about the first criteria yesterday and is it the team that shouldn’t have participated yet or the team members?

What about people who are working on several projects? If half of the team has already participated to a hackathon with an other project, is it fair for the other half that is participating for the first time to be excluded of the newbie track? Very complexe situation. That’s why I think the current format, every projects together, is the simplest way.


Agree, it makes it too complex on what a Newbie is and so many more variables for people to complain about. :laughing:

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Interesting, I follow this topic

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The objective focus is to get new products !

If existing team creates it they would ideally apply for main track ( as that would have bigger pool and they can leverage existing community)

If an individual team member creates it they ideally build it up separately

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Lol :joy: yeah complainers gonna complain no matter what u offer them :sweat_smile:

The thing is, community vote is more like a popularity contest. So having a newbie track would be a popularity contest for unpopular projects :smile:

If they want to win the community vote, what they can do is wait the next competition (one competition every 4 months, so it’s not a huge amount of time). And during that time they can improve their product and build a community, start getting known.

And anyway, losing the community vote if they win the judges vote cause they have a great product isn’t that much of a big deal. Winning the judges vote will give them a huge visibility and the next season they will have a nice advantage for the community vote.


Thanks for this post :grinning::grinning::postal_horn:

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