Strongcoin - Be strong! Tap and earn

I was about calling their attention to this too.
It’s been days now since I asked that question and till now it hasn’t been addressed.

That is funny to me though let’s hope they finally answer

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Hello everyone!

We needed some time to come up with an optimal solution.

We can’t make the leaderboard public, but we have decided that we will publish the intermediate results on our channel.

We will publish the first list at the beginning of next week.


Definitely a step in the right direction.

I thank you for making it clearer for everyone of us understanding

Hello Strongcoiners! :wave:

We are excited to announce the interim results of our contest.

Remember, the contest will run until July 4th.

Be strong! :muscle:

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Transparency is key and this is a reminder of the gap that has to be filled so far in the contest.

Thank you @strongteam for listening to the community and acting upon it.

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Hello Strongcoiners! :wave:

Only 3 days left until the end of the contest, and we’re excited to share the current rankings!

Invite your friends and join the fun together!

Remember, to claim your prizes, you need a Telegram username and a connected Tronlink wallet.

Be strong! :muscle:

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The time is still left, time to gather some referrals :grin:

I can’t login on strongcoin since morning

Hello! The error in the screenshot seems to be related to your device. Please try restarting the app or using a VPN.

Everything is working fine on our end.

And if any errors occur, it’s best to contact our Support. That way, we can add you to our bug bounty program.


When contest elapses tho?
I can only imagine the thrill innit.

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Thank you for your response, I will try as you said

Thank you, it’s now functioning well

I think tomorrow, i can spot you on the leaderboard

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The leaderboard been updated recently or how?

:fire: We will have 100 winners!

Our contest has gained a lot of excitement over the past few days, and many people have asked us to extend it. So, we have decided to extend the contest for another 10 days.

Not only are we extending it, but we are also increasing the number of winners to 100 and boosting the prizes.

:gift: Updated prizes:

1st-10th place: 500 TRX each
11th-50th place: 1,000,000 coins each
51st-100th place: 500,000 coins each

:date: The contest will end on July 14.

To receive the prize, you must have a Telegram username and a connected Tronlink wallet.

Intermediate results of the contest can be viewed here :point_right: Link

We have also paid out over 3 million coins through our bug bounty program. If you find any bugs in the game, please contact our Support.

Good luck in the contest and be strong! :muscle:

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Why not just start phase 2 of the contest other than changing date mid contest

Hello Strongcoiners! :wave:

We’re thrilled to announce the latest interim results of our contest!

The competition among the top contenders is heating up. With only 4 days remaining, now is the perfect time to push harder and invite your friends to join! :sunglasses:

Make sure to connect your Tronlink wallet to be eligible for a prize.

Be strong! :muscle:

:yellow_circle: Play game here

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