Strongcoin - Be strong! Tap and earn

Hey @strongteam I found out that all my balances are gone and no where to be found

Hi! Your balance is safe, try restarting the game.

Thanks for reporting the bug, we’re already working on fixing it. Send your Telegram username to our Support so we can add you to our bug bounty program.

In the future, if you find new issues, please contact support immediately. This way, we can identify and resolve problems faster and also credit you with additional coins.

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Alright, have done that now

Yes mate I noticed that too, I can’t increase it to to 2 or next number, just as it is shown here

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Yeah :+1: exactly what am talking about

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I have done it to 5 but we need more than that just like others

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Why do we’ve to keep re-buying the tap bot?

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I thought tap bot should be bought once but I finds out that you need to keep rebuying every 8 hours, which doesn’t make sense, it should be a one time payment

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Sincerely, having to disburse 20k coins every 8hrs to me feels like a rip-off.

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I noticed the claim coins is every 8hours from the tap bot, @strongteam please can you increase the
Times coins from 5 to maybe 11 or so to enable users have more fun tapping.
Thank you

I’ve lost my daily login reward. Happens to me around testnet also. Can you see my logins?

Hello! Everything has been checked, and today you should have received the bonus for the second consecutive day.

After 7 consecutive days, the counter resets.

If you have any questions or find any errors, please contact our Support, and we will add you to the bug bounty.


There should also allow simultaneous purchase of energy levels, rather than the disclaimer of: “energy level full” when trying to upgrade energy levels from one’s initial click.