Submission is over

What’s next?

Will devs still be able to build while the submission is over?
How long till the voting process?
What happens to projects that Edit their submission after the deadline that just passed?

What’s your favorite project so far with real life utilities?
On builder, GAMEFI, Defi, eco-friendly , web3 and nft


Not over yet but I think to only those who applied on Dorahacks and haven’t posted on the forum

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Tengo varios proyectos favoritos, lo que siempre he mantenido que los que tengan uso real, serán mis preferidos, pista builder, defi, Web3.

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Judging and voting period will start from may 1st

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Devs need to keep building if the project is not complete yet. This season is a two milestone hackathon: you need a MVP finished now and a fully delivered product by the end of May I think.