Tokenomeme - The first multichain meme aggregator - Multichain NFT collection - New Open Source license for NFTs

Project Name: Tokenomeme
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Tokenomeme Team
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5 co-founders:

DevPost URL: Devpost

Project Goal:

Our dream is to reward every person on earth for spreading & collecting funny memes.
We are the first multichain meme aggregator that redesigns meme culture for communities.


Project Info:

Project Details:

Our vocation: to rule the world with memes.

What we are building goes beyond our platform. It’s a whole universe and ecosystem for memes.
Presentation video: Tokenomeme - Ain’t nobody got time for that

Right Now, MEMES = CHAOS

To drive crypto mass adoption through memes, we are using multiple Web3 solutions in a simple way to make it accessible for anyone (including Web2 users):

:arrow_right: Decentralized meme social network & aggregator
:arrow_right: Meme NFT Marketplace
:arrow_right: Multichain DAO
:arrow_right: Laugh-to-earn
:arrow_right: hybrid smart contract
:arrow_right: meme monetization…

:face_with_monocle: For example, our SocialFi system is designed for everyone:

Most of the Laugh-to-earn system is off-chain. You don’t need to understand crypto to use our platform.

You win off-chain community points like on a Web2 platform. But at any moment, you can swap your points into our crypto :coin:

Why this system? Because we give people a reason to create a wallet and enter into the Web3 ecosystem.

Our multichain NFT collection

:arrow_right: TRON, Ethereum, BNBchain, Polygon

Our Multichain NFT Collection will give many advantages in the ecosystem we are building. NFT holders will be granted SBT as a community badge to value the time they invest in the ecosystem.

Our NFT collection is historic !

All the NFTs are licensed under a new kind of Open source license that will change the way we exploit intellectual property rights :balance_scale:

:copyright: What is the Meme Commons License ?

Creating a world where creativity and culture are unleashed through a natural sharing of value.

The Meme Commons license is driven by two fundamental principles: free circulation of works and value sharing.

Apart from certain exceptions, copyright is in principle, based on a privatist monopoly that requires the author’s permission to use, copy, distribute or transform a piece of work.

Because of the behaviors on the Internet, this mechanism causes today an enormous loss of earnings for the authors, and a permanent insecurity for the Internet users.

To allow cultural exploitation to adapt to internet behaviors and to the decentralization phenomena driven by Blockchain technologies, it is necessary to build a legal ecosystem based on a balance of the freedoms and interests at stake.

This is the essential reason for the Meme Commons License: to promote and protect the creations of the human mind according to certain principles of copyleft - freedom of use, copying, distribution, transformation -, with the counterpart of rewarding the authors and right holders by a fair cut.

The Meme Commons license opens the way to a new mode of exploitation based on a principle of reward that is part of a social contract. It transforms the privatist principle into an exception, and allows authors to generate value when anyone generates income from their work or a derivative work.

The Meme Commons license legally binds each work in a CommonChain (chain of license) through a value-sharing mechanism, and thus :

  • Encourages authors to give freedom to use, copy, distribute and transform their creations;
  • Rewards authors for their creative efforts;
  • Creates new economic models that stimulate the creation, circulation, exchange and transformation of intellectual productions;
  • Creates greater incentives for authors and IP rights holders to adopt modes of exploitation based on these economic models, and not on a private monopoly restricting access to the creations.

:face_with_monocle: Example of how the Meme commons “fair cut” could be implemented into our platform:

The Meme Commons license will belong to the public domain. Everyone will be able to use it.

It will be a big game changing for copyright and help many NFT, Web3, metaverse projects to find new tools to exploit IP rights whithout restraining the free circulation of works.

The license is already written and translated. It will be available when the 1st Mint round of our NFT collection starts.

Multichain NFT Mint race

:trophy:Multiple rounds
:fire:Race between each blockchain.

Which community will have the most advantages?

:checkered_flag: TRON, Ethereum, Polygon, BinanceSmartChain :checkered_flag:
Let’s bet on TRON? :rocket:

As we are in the bear market, our Multichain NFT Mint Race concept gives us more flexibility on the NFT sales. If the NFTs are not sold out during a race round, we can make more NFTdrop for the Holders, donate NFTs to charity, allocate NFTs to our partner’s community…

sTRONgerWithMemes Challenge

To continue in the same spirit than sTRONgerTogether Challenge, we are launching a sTRONgerWithMemes Challenge.

:fire: Already 10+ projects included
:money_with_wings: 10 000$ in Airdrops (NFT & tokens), Giveaways, etc…

Goals are simple:

  • Spreading memes about each partner of the #sTRONgerWithMemes Challenge
  • Giving more visibility to everyone by using memes
  • Engaging each partner’s community to share memes about the other partners
  • Turning all communities into other project’s “ holders “.

If you are a Project builder and would like to know more, contact @alexis_tokenomeme

Project Test Instructions:

Everything in “[…]” will be revealed during the HackaTRON according to our roadmap. For strategic reasons, we prefer not to reveal everything at once, even when it is already developed.

For the NFT collection:

  1. Go to

  2. Design samples from the Multichain NFT collection are available in “Chinkies NFT collection”.

  3. NFT smart contracts
    – Ethereum: 0xE2704A669bfc3405DD5CB33DBbCEB8C7847db996
    – Polygon: 0xd76DBcBd507f0F87D19c07785C1ee0C115549319
    – BSC: 0x93a5157DFC7b29c1fB39E9A72b6C060a3B98e39d

  4. After 04/11, the minting of Multichain NFT collection will start. Several rounds organized during the month of November.

For the Meme Commons 1.0 license:

  1. Website and instructions:
  2. License and appendices: Meme Commons License – Meme Commons
  3. Terms and conditions for the Fair cut applied to the Chinkies NFT collection:

For StrongerWithMemes:

You can follow our activities on Tokenomeme Twitter

For the Multichain token:

Tron, ethereum, BNBchain, Polygon Smart Contracts: Github Token v1

For the MVP:

  1. Some designs will be revealed
  2. The website will be available only to judges and beta testers
  3. We already aggregate some reddit feeds on Tokenomeme Discord
  4. Our ecosystem goes beyond our platform
    – We share a lot of memes on our Twitter
    – We just started to share memes on our Instagram

For the DAO:

  1. It is already deployed using XDAO and Snapshot (for ethereum, polygon, BNBchain and BitTorrentChain).
  2. Addresses: […]
  3. NFT Trophies will give voting rights (Laugh-to-earn starting on twitter and discord using Galxe platform)

Project Milestones:


  • 30/10: StrongerWithMemes Challenge


  • 03/11: Meme Commons License
  • 04/11: Launch of the Multichain NFT Collection - Tron, Ethereum, Polygon, BNBchain - 1st round Multichain NFT race (420)
  • 11/11: 2nd Round Multichain NFT race
  • 20/11: Announcement of next rounds’ dates


  • 02/12: MVP Meme aggregator
  • 10/12: Release of the Multichain DAO
  • 12/12: Token seed phase
  • 15/12: End of the StrongerWithMemes

Ecosystem foe memees…must be nice


Let’s go Partner :raised_hands: Memes might be funny but this is a serious project with excellent utilities, it was nice to learn about Tokenomeme. A very cool owner who takes care of the community and puts value on the community. We met during the sTRPNgerTogether challenge :raised_hands:


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

sTRONgerTogether was amazing. Can’t wait to share Memes together during the sTRONgerWithMemes :fire:


Yesterday we announced the sTRONgerWithMemes challenge.
More partners are joining the fun!

The first projects to be featured: Bitlend and Tronbies :rocket:


Fun explanation, loved that


Thanks! The first round of the mint race starts in 3 days :fire:

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The first Highlight for the sTRONgerWithMemes was a real success :rocket:
13 partners in full synergy to share memes about bitlend finance. : Bitlend finance Highlight sTRONgerWithMemes

Tomorrow, we’ll tweet the highlight for Tronbies. Join the sTRONgerWithMemes on twitter!
$10 000+ in Giveaway, Airdrops, NFT to win :money_with_wings:
:arrow_right: Just to share memes


Well done Alexis, we are happy to participate in sTRONgerWithMemes :fire:
It is fantastic action :raised_hands:


Greetings alexis_tokenomeme! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - Tokenomeme – The first multichain meme aggregator that you have submitted in the past?

According to post #6 of TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now! projects that haven’t completed their roadmap for the Hackathon in past Hackathons will not be eligible for the current season. Please make sure your existing project is already live and for the community to use.


i love the image already.


Let’s go! This is a great service for the bear market, Tokenomeme is a great initiative to get your start-up off the ground, have some fun and connect with new community members.

Thank you for the great service! :tada:


Thank you for your support! :star_struck: :rocket:
Stay tuned for future announcements!


Found this interesting becuase i love memes a lot​:star_struck::tada::heart::boom:


Wow a very good project


wow, nice prepared details ahahaha loved it


Wow!!! This is a great program is just start to make me fall more for memee


Nice milestone… Keep it up… Nice one


Thank you everyone for your support! :rocket:

Here is a quick preview of the meme aggregator we’re building :star_struck:.

:fast_forward: Main Features:

  1. A simple click-to-back feature to instantly get the Web3 view of the meme.
  2. A collection of the memes and templates of the Internet in our marketplace as NFTs, for you to buy/resell or mint yourself if isn’t the case.
  3. A system of feeds, which allows you to aggregate all your favourite meme feeds from all over the internet in one single platform.

MVP demo


Very nice project keep it up

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