TroniQue by Team DataVoyagers - Simplifying Tron and Empowering Users with TroniQue

Interesant. Good luck

Greetings! Impressive project you have there.

We’re also developing a project on Tron, by the way. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Strongcoin is a tap-to-earn game. Within our game, we provide onboarding to the Tron ecosystem, featuring partner quests. If you’re interested, we’re open to discussing collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, we’re currently hosting a contest with cool prizes for the best question or suggestion! Feel free to check out our topic for further details.

Thank you so much for your kind words! :star2: We’re delighted to hear that you find TroniQue innovative and valuable. Presenting data in an interactive and visual way is something we’re very passionate about. We hope to continue shining with the support of the amazing TRON community. :rocket: Keep building and dreaming big! :sparkles:

@Gogle Thank you so much! We’re delighted to hear that you find our project fantastic and useful for blockchain technology. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated! :hugs:

Hello TroniQue, welcome to TRON hackathon
I tested your product and find it hard to get analytics answers . Probably the underlying AI still needs to be polished , however this is a great use case as most DAta Analytics requires the user to be an SQL, JQL expert!

Is it possible to include in future releases a similar approach like Jira does for ticket filtering and dashboards? Probably that way you can give users some clues on what is available to be asked and an additional option for AI plain text. I see the Jira-like filtering an intermediate solution between expert and newbie.

Something like this but for blockchain related data:

Keep on building with us! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :blush: We’re excited about combining AI with blockchain to create a helpful tool for beginners. Guiding users with documentation is a key focus for us. We appreciate your support and well wishes for season 6! :rocket::books: