- a wagering/staking multiplayer minigames platform

Hahaha i am honored for the shoutout, :rofl::rofl:
I will do my best to continue playing and ask questions or make recommendations where necessary. Keep building sTRONg :muscle:


Was a blast! Thanks for having me there and was awesome to hear about @FuzzyOcean, and TuruVerse, hopefully in the future I can be there again. Excited and optimistic to see where the future takes us. Perhaps we can create partnerships in the future and collaborate on future events.


This would really took gaming to a whole new level and what would be the medium of betting?

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Hello @mattylegend,

Well, the bets would be placed on our platform. You can place bets currently with TRX, and we are going to implement and deploy our contracts soon on BTTC. In the near future, there will be a larger catalog of minigames, aswell as support and events on Counter Strike, Minecraft, and other popular esports games.

Sorry, am not very understanding of the usage of 'the word ‘medium’, if this didn’t answer your question. Feel free to ask any away if you are still wondering anything. :heart:

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Tanks for taking your time to enlighten me

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Hola, es genial presentar más adelante eventos en Counter Strike y Minecraft, dará valor al proyecto.

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Absolutely @antonio I am very excited to implement those services. FIrst, we need to ensure the existing game(s) are robust and the contracts are relatively secure with the digital signature system we are going to implement on our game servers. I am also excited to partner with eSports teams and coordinate events for our community and also the communities within these spaces. It will be incredible.

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I just played 8 ball. Streamline and fun, can’t wait to play against my friends

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Te deseo mucha suerte en tu proyecto, está muy bien orientado

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Version 0.1.3 has been released - Notification system created, profile system and pages created & more

  • Notification system has been made - you can now receive notifications for leveling up via wagering playing games, and receiving badges/tokens. Soon, there will be some UI improvements made to them

  • Created badge system - these will soon be SBT (sun bound tokens on-chain) and you can receive them by completing challenges on our network. Please let us know some ideas for badges!

  • Profile management system - The awaited profile system has been created! You and players can view your profile and see how many badges you own! Click your address at the top right and click your username. You will then be directed to your profile! You can view your badges you currently own, and click view details to see more information about the badges you own. Some of these badges will be temporarily available. So best try to go earn them before you can’t anymore! The early supporter and 8 ball champion badges will make you eligible for our airdrops in the future!

  • Soon, you will be able to customize your profiles and add descriptions, banners, and more badges/tokens you can earn, and a follower system will be in place. Currently, a random blockies profile picture is added to your profile when you load in.

  • Added database column for amount wagered in TRX.

  • Changed font from ‘Montserrat’ to ‘Inter’ on 8 Ball.

  • Fixed bugs.

  • Added new milestones to the Development Board

I will try my best to get the next update out as soon as possible, before the judging period. We have made a long list of progress since the conception of at the end of September, and we have no doubt we will be champions and earn what we deserve!

I want to thank everyone who has supported the development and progress of There is still a lot to do, and we tried our best to roll out the best experience possible during the Hackathon as fast as possible for everyone. We will focus our efforts even more after the judging period with the funding we will receive and grow the project to heights unknown for the TRON ecosystem. Check out our Development Board to see what we are up to.

Play 8 ball or chess now at !

Thank you TRONics. :heart: Stay sTRONg :muscle:


This is dope, you are building seriously. Will be playing the game this weekend Godwilling, as my kids will be away to visit their granny. I will be free to enjoy the game to the fullest.

I also heard about some airdrop eligibility early adopters. Wow I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hola, es agradable ver que están construyendo cada día, considero que es un proyecto en continuo avance y puede llegar lejos con todas las implantaciones.

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New announcements soon… :eyes:

Less than 24 hours before the WINNERS of Season 3 hackathon are announced!

Good luck to all the other builders in this space. The hackathon has been a great journey, and we are still building every hour. I have worked very diligently to get this far, and there is no doubt tomorrow will be a huge success, and yet we are just getting started.

Thank you TRONICS ! :heart: :muscle:

Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers:


The clock is gradually ticking, wishing u all the best.


Hola, el mejor éxito es estar orgulloso de lo que se ha creado.

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Congratulations, best of luck to you!

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Looking forward to enjoy the pool on kudos to @nickmura


Hey @Atokwasi , feel free to play at


Thank you to our supporters for our win in 3rd and 2nd place! We will continue to develop and scale into eSports games.

Version 0.1.4 - Partnership with trxdomains & changing usernames with TRXdomains, profile avatars & more

- We’ve partnered with trxdomains and users can now change their username to one of
their trxdomains NFTs.

  • Users can now switch their usernames from trxdomains NFTs to their default username.

  • Allow users to upload profile avatars - Users can now set their own profile image. Soon,
    users will be able to have various other users profiles prerendered if they hover over their username, or another user. This will need some more work with recognizing hash data and content, and deleting the previous profile image. Soon, a banner image will be available as well.


  • Created S3 bucket(s) pipeline for user data such as profile images, profile banners, etc.

  • Refactored backend a bit. Still more work to do.

  • Added multiple columns and new table to our database.

  • Updated notion development board.

Stay tuned for new updates! Happy holidays.


Hola, gracias por la información y por seguir desarrollando.