- a wagering/staking multiplayer minigames platform

Update 0.1.5 - Mainnet launched, soon-to-be SSL certificate & more

  • Deployed contract on main-net - You can now play games against your friends with real money (TRX). There will be soon support to bet with USDD.

  • Soon to be SSL certificate. “Not secure” looks kind of scuffed, so we’re going to add SSL encryption later today to the project.

  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs, removed navbar warnings to switch to testnet.

  • Updated more typescript support.


More than a few updates have been released since March.

  • Refactored backend to TypeScript
  • Fixed issues with matienence, added dev tools to prevent services crashing
  • Migrated to new hosting service with SSL

Currently, we are doing R&D for Counter Strike 2 support alongside the development of Testing will begin before the end of the year.

Hey everyone!

After many months of planning our vision , we’re proud to announce the next chapter of, AWPSwap.

AWPSWAP will be the successor to, with more of a focus of creating wagering and event opportunities for the CS community. will still receive updates, however, as a team we are focusing our efforts on the CS2 game-servers & swap.

Come play a game with us on our post!

You left such a promising project and did not interact with people in the forum for a long time.
Now you have come with a “updated new” project.

We do not see any difference between you and teams that take awards and leave. Don’t expect much support. People want to see projects that are reliable and on track in the builder category. These are not teams that come from time to time and chase awards.
What are you thinking mates? @fabsltsa @Nana66419 @Akainuu @Claw @BahaKoc1x @Zaca @antonio @Gordian @Prince-Onscolo @maaz


To earn trust, a project and a team must enable active engagement with users and regular update.

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I apologize to the community for my lack of forum presence, and understand your frustration. I’ve expanded my team for all of the projects, to focus more of our efforts on a marketing strategy and delegate roles for achieving milestones.

We were encouraged to post our project in Season 6, as with the addition of there have been significant changes to our projects. Our intention is to publicize & update the community on our milestones for our products for both and, and what we’ve learned from our experiences over the last year and a half, regardless if we win.

Moving forward, we will focus more energy on our marketing strategy, no matter the outcome of these hackathons. We work full time on our projects, and we have the version control & source code in our GitHub repositories to prove it.

We will continue learn from our mistakes & experiences. Criticism is important, we want the vision of these ideas & experiences from these projects to stand out as something ubitiqious, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

We hope overtime as we evolve, we can improve our trust & service within the community. & bobbybot (now AWPSWAP) and will continue to receive updates.

1 Like is an ambitious project with a clear vision to revolutionize GameFi on the TRON network. Their dedication to creating an interoperable wagering/staking platform for gamers is commendable. Wishing the team at all the best for their future endeavors!