Watch your wallet! Blockchain Scams

I recently discovered a very interesting scammer who acts like a guerrilla force, shooting from one place to another, jumping from one public chain to another repeatedly to cheat money.

Here’s the thing, on apenft, there is a project called Tron Web3 Domains - DID Identity. their money grabbing tactics are really unbearable.

Before they came along, I had registered the official domain name of the APENFT platform certification.

But they actually did the same business after a while. This is not the obvious pitfall, about which there is also a lot of discussion on twitter. It’s so interesting.

When you think they will continue to develop new features of the project after they go live and sell it, you are so naive!

They have recently set their eyes on other public chains, they are ready to replicate this operation again, after circling a sum of money, continue to engage in the next public chain. So on and so forth, the money is not clamoring to come, really a set of code to achieve infinite cycle of riches.

How I found it, you can click here BitTorrent Web3 Domains, which is his homepage. We pull to the bottom and click on the relevant official twitter.

Surprisingly, what appears is that another domain name system

And as we can see by clicking on his link below, the same model is already on sale.

Guess who will be the next victim of the public chain?


@TronDomains I’d love to hear their side of the story as well.


Yes, we would like to answer as follows:

  1. Regarding the posts about us copying another project, you can read the following twitter posts carefully and in the content there is a confirmation for us.
    The trondao advisor also has a confirmation about the Compare the code between the two platforms:

  1. Regarding fusion domains, our team is a multi-chain team working for some other platforms, you can read about fusion here:
  1. We are a little careless about presenting information that causes confusion to users, we will learn from this.



Where there’s a financial opportunity via corruption , you’ll find your scammers , take extra caution , protect your wallet , and when in doubt ask someone with experience on how to proceed forward. Power to the community.


Thanks for the this…


I found this tip very useful for new users. At a point, we need to agree that scammers are everywhere and we are to take care of our accounts and ensure maximum security personally :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4: let’s stay safe out there


I see as everything is risky asf God damn it

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I see as everything is risky asf God damn iv

I see as everything is risky asf God damn it

Woo so interesting project it’s very helpful thanks for your help to make web3 more interesting


Well i would like to hear more news about that​:relieved::relieved:

Hola, es bueno estar informado sobre estas noticias, aunque no sean agradables, gracias.

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