Welcome to HackaTRON S6!

Do you have your project already submitted in the forum? If yes please send me the link

Sorry, you late already

I have sent you a DM

I have dmed you @oynozan and @MiChaelinzo77

Anytime admin, I am now checking other projects. If I see anything suspicious I tag you.

We are sTRONger together, always looking for originality and sincerity in projects :cupid:


Thanks to the entire TRON family, especially @SimbadMarino, who guided and helped throughout the submission process.

As final, we wholeheartedly congratulate all teams who submitted their projects in time.


congrat mate keep building, admins are always helpful

Hey admins! @WindsOfChange92 @admin.hackathon @SimbadMarino @EMerchant

Could you take a look at this please? I’m willing to host a competition next week, and I want to make sure it doesn’t break any hackathon rules. Thank you!


everyone started to check originality of projects (if they have been stolen or original work)

This guy has been added to fraud work lists. Anyone can check


Hello hackaTRONs6 participants ! UPDATE your project milestones with dates ! It is not a good look that TRON DAO team has to point out this to each and every one of you individually ! Good luck to all !



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Dear TronDAO Forum admins:

I hope this message finds you well. I’ve sent an important message to all of you collectively, and I wanted to ensure that it has been received and will be given the necessary attention.

I kindly request you to check your messages.

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Thank you