Welcome to HackaTRON S6!

HI my username is rohithcrash9, I want to submit my project for the season 6 posts @admin.hackathon

username : rohithcrash9

Hey TRON DAO, excited to hack! username: chrislally

I have responded to you @cn3xyz @abhijeet @maksb @Nargi @theras @dellwatson @rohithcrash9 @chrislally

Thank you for bringing this up. It will be reviewed.

There are currently no official BTC L2 specs on TRON yet. You are more than welcome to build something based on your own specifications that can be integrated later into TRON DAO’s BTC L2 solution.

This of course would require significant work and the submission deadline ends in a few days.

Okay! Thanks for informing me. I will take a look at it and engage with my questions :smiley:

Hello, I already responded in your other thread, thank you!

Hi my Devpost username is williamuw, I want to submit my project for the season 6 posts @admin.hackathon @WindsOfChange92

Thank you!

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Welcome to join the hackathon. You forgot to include your Devpost username for the admins to identify you easily

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Hello everyone! Could you please give me permission to publish my project in the hackathon? @admin.hackathon

Good luck to all hackers :nerd_face:

Responded to you @strongteam

Admin can you give access for me to publish my own project for hackathon?

Devpost username: @oynozan

Devpost username: @michaelinzo

How can I publish in for the hackathon?


You guys didn’t accept my request for the Hackathon submission on the forum. So I had to leave it blank on Devpost. Can someone contact me for that so we can fix this? How am I supposed to leave a TronDAO Forum link when you just ignore me?

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Hello @WindsOfChange92 @admin.hackathon @EMerchant @SimbadMarino
I was just pressing the submit button on devpost as the deadline arrived. I could not submit my project. I got late due to some emergency. Can you please allow me to submit my project. I had been working very hard single handedly and all the forms and documentation got a little delayed.
Please help :pray: :pray:

Do you have your project already submitted in the forum? If yes please send me the link

Sorry, you late already

I have sent you a DM