D-Safe Library Game - for children, adults and plants

Thank you big time, I feel honor that you share the link to the beta version with me, please tell me how are you going to add feedback feature in the beta version, thank you

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Hello D-Safe team, thank you for submitting your library project with us!
I have to say decentralized book stores and libraries is a topic I’m particular interested on how could it evolve to be a sustainable, legally compliant and attractive for users.
I compiled some suggestions /questions for you:

  1. By analsying your smart contract and site interacting with it the fees are significantly high, even for a site refresh action (looks like you are calling getAllVotes function in your contract)

    I recommend you to look for ways to optimize your code, as per my previous support on the Dev Talks I noticed you are dealing with for loops and complex alogorithms in solidity. I just committed a new update in my solidity examples for BTTC that could help you as an example on how to implement a more efficient voteBooks function (porting it to TRON should be easy) here

I believe making maps, arrays and indexes public could help you to overcome the majority of issues with high fees you are dealing with. Look also for simple storage smart contract examples online for details. Do not use write functions to retrieve data from the smartcontract but call/read variables instead by making variables public.

Following example gives you an idea, orange buttons are write function and will consume fees, blue ones are calls to public variables, these do not require fee:

Hope this helps with optimization!

  1. Current I was not able to visualize the books, only the portrait, when is this feature gonna be available for users to read trough all the content?

  2. Have you considered using BTFS instead of Arweave at some point? Beyond promises of 250 years (which cannot be guaranteed) what other advantages do you see from Arweave compared to BTFS?

  3. Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.

  4. Are milestones description already updated after your project scope change?

Best of luck and keep building on TRON/BTTC. If you find struggles on documentation or need general support do not hesitate to post under Dev Talks!


Good day!

I am sorry for the late answer, just waking up from a bad flu…

1 - This a Draft of an international decentralized book library - that will be translated in the future,.
2 - The Library has a theme: “Ethics & Sustainability”
3 - It is a FREE library, where content is either copyleft ( Author is dead for more than 70 years ), or creative commons. Creative commons is like open source, but for books.
4 - It follows the D-SAFE label, (That I have also created in the process). See more about the D-SAFE label at the bottom of this reply.
5 - It auto-regulate itself, by computing all user’s activity as a vote. For this, it can use Solidity on TRON, or other techs.

How it can benefits the TRON community?

This library is the only one of its kind, it is permanent, and when finalized, it won’t need any upkeep for the next 250 years. I have chosen to dedicate the rest of my time on it, so in 10 years, there it will be bigger, larger, with an autonomous international sustainable marketing strategy in place. Whatever blockchain it uses will get free promotion.

I understand that a majority of people don’t read books, and prefer to play video game, or watch you-tube. If you are one of those , sorry if the answer is not short enough for your focus.

Now about the D-SAFE label: Safe for children, adults and plants.

What are the benefits of the D-SAFE label for TRON users? Imagine that the library doesn’t use TRON, and get backed by another blockchain tech. The D-SAFE label still benefits the TRON community, making sure that your kids, your wife, your cousins , family and friend can only benefits from the content published under the D-SAFE label.

Content forbidden under the D-SAFE label:

  • AI
  • Porn
  • Political
  • Media
  • Social Media
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Health & Medicine
  • Spiritual
  • Stolen content
  • Videos
  • Any Content that promotes the destruction of native bio-diversity
  • Advertisement & Commercials
  • Any Tangible assets ( such as copyrighted content )

Great question, I didn’t though about it - and yet, feedback is an essential part for producing the best quality possible.

I still need to put a contact page, and there I would put a feedback textbox too, at least until the library is still in early access / beta.

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Although, I forgot to mention that the solidity contract we started working on, is all about content feedback.

I want the reader to understand the D-SAFE label, and help the community classify content out of the index when they feel / understand that a book doesn’t belong here.

As a feedback, they have the opportunity to rate a book as Great, Good, Poor and Illegal.

This classification system is opened to change.
The basic idea is to store those votes in the public blockchain - and to have another smart contract going trough those votes, and creating a new library index - and possibly introduce a book ranking system based on user’s feedback.

There is also the possibility to implement a feedback rank based on a user’s level, giving more weight to user 's feedback that have proven to be competent readers.

I hope that makes sense.

Good day @SimbadMarino ,

I am so greatfull for your help and contribution. I have been properly sick with a cold/flu for the last few days, and I am sorry I couldn’t get back to you promptly.

I already tried to optimize the solidity then I got stuck with the limited amount of test TRX I could get, and I got horrified at the fees needed to just deployed the contract - I definitely must do something wrong with memory allocation, for the fee to go that high.

I will have a look at your contribution today, and see how I can adapt those to my smart contract.

To Answer all your question:

Current I was not able to visualize the books, only the portrait, when is this feature gonna be available for users to read trough all the content?

TLTR: When I get enough funds to register a non profit business for the library operation, and legal representation. which is around 3000 $

The longer answer is:
Right now, it is all under my personal name. I believe there are few books in there that don’t respect the D-SAFE label, especially the stolen content part.

Although I WILL need to experiment with legal interactions in the future, to be able to implement the automation of the legal resolution process - I cannot afford to take the risk to run this experiment on my legal name - Something to do with the business taking the fine instead of me.

Right now, I cannot afford to create a business, so I can afford less to represent myself to court against some angry publisher legal department.

Although, you can access the previous version 0.7.8 on Windows && Linux - here . You can access ALL the content unrestricted. It is niche, not advertised, bad SEO, nobody uses it, but it works like a charm. I didn’t published it on flatpak store for the reasons explained above. technologically wise , It is a quasar.dev with electron, and a custom database / datastore in memory that I built last year - that is designed for aggressive data caching - it is functional with no internet connection.

3 - Have you considered using BTFS instead of Arweave at some point? Beyond promises of 250 years (which cannot be guaranteed) what other advantages do you see from Arweave compared to BTFS?

I did consider using BTFS. I actually believe that to guarantee the longevity of the library across several generations, I shouldn’t put all my eggs in the same basket - and instead implement several storage providers. I didn’t knew much about BTFS until few weeks ago, and because of my limited time, and the huge refactoring involved into transforming the library from a Vue.js SPA (javascript Single page application) into a static HTML/CSS website - I believe I won’t have much time to actually get that correctly.
I am looking forward to have the opportunity to use different storage backends, BTFS and STORJ are 2 other decentralized storages that I plan to have integrated into the library in the future.

Concerning the advantages of Arweave over BTFS, and my limited knowledge of BTFS , I would say one other advantage of Arweave is that there is no inflation on prices… paid once => done. It allows me to feel confident into minimizing the upkeep of the library - trying to get closer to 0$ upkeep as possible. I need to look more into BTFS - I might be wrong, please correct me if I am.

4 -Please add dates in your milestones phases and sub activities so judges and admins have a better idea on progress, failing to do so might affect your final score as it is not clear what to evaluate.

Thank you , I will do.

5 - Are milestones description already updated after your project scope change?

I believe I significantly updated my milestone 2 times already, at the beginning of the hackathon, the scope of the project was very different, and it is ever changing.
I am gladly open to suggestions !
To me, it is quite complicated to make accurate millestones, because I already chose to dedicate the rest of my life to the library, so my deadline is like…15-20 years from now…(statistically speaking - I am 46).

So I am more looking on the long run, than short term. For example, I’d rather spend the next months rewrite / refactor a 8th time, to make sure the founding stone is as solid as possible.

but really, the next 12 months milestone - outside of the hackathon scope is:

0 - Find which jurisdiction is best for me to register a non profit business
1 - Right now, I am living on gvt doll - Getting some fundings / grants - or put the development on pause - to find a 6 months contract job.
2 - Register a Non Profit Business
3 - Create a community presence (Discord, facebook, twitter, others)
4 - Add the capability to share content (books, page, topics). For example, I could share page 35 of my fav book to my facebook friend, or on my twitter feed. Marketing and SEO wise, I have so much content right now that I could automate a bot to share one unique URL every hour on X for the next decade…
5 - Implement the right marketing funnel and metric collection for optimizing the ROI ( $Donations received / $ Advertising Spent )

6 - Question that you didn’t ask

Although I can have multiple personalities sometime, (like everybody else)… DataPond is only me right now, and I would be glad to be joined by developers who share a similar vision ! You are welcome to become part of DataPond !

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Good day!

For a non technical person:

We have discovered a bit less than a decade ago how to build and maintain permanent data storage.

So I have decided to build a public permanent book library on the topic of ethics and sustainability.

It is designed to function like a board game, to enable reader’s engagement and assess their preferences.

Reading unlocks some library doors, which allows frequent library user to issue permanent votes to rate the library’s content.


I am thanking you as you consider my suggesting to do feedback mechanism, please tell me would you add surveys to the feedback textbox in the contact page, thank you

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OK thank you for breaking it in bits for me. You said it will function like a board game and I will like to know how gamification elements can be effectively integrated into your platform with the goal of maximizing reader engagement and encourage sustained participation?


When will mobile users get to have access to your project?

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I am glad you are asking. Please visit the Milestone page for more details.

The initial MVP 1 will be released next week .

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I have made a basic sketch of the leveling system.

I have much more in mind down the line, but the basic idea is to be as transparent as possible, by prioritizing the users personal library experience over the community usage.

Casting a backup is published as D-Safe into the public general index -
It also unlocks you to synchronize your library across several devices.


@lawpond it is not a good thing that you reply to everybody but you don’t reply me, I feel unfair

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Ok that is nice. How will you ensure the longevity and accessibility of the permanent data storage infrastructure supporting the library?


Ok thanks for providing the link to study your milestone page

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Hello @ines_valerie ,

I am sorry it took me so long to answer you. I am very busy meeting the deadline for the new version, and thanks to you, I took into account your suggestion, and I have added a chat capability to the product, and I have created a discord channel for feedback

Please have a look at the new MVP released today ! I am looking to hear back from you!


Sorry from the late answer.
All the books and thumbnails are currenrly stored on a blockain called Arweave.

This blockchain ensures the longevity of the data.

I am considering exploring other storage options, such as BTFS and Storj in the future. But right now, Arweave does the job well.

Currently the library is on its way to become the first permanent one in the world. :grinning: :muscle: :+1:

Please visit the MVP released today, I would love to know your feedback !

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Hello @lawpond , please support by posting the milestones here in your post as well besides your own website for tracking purposes. Thank you!

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I am very happy just for me seeing that my suggestion that I make very simple that you have consider and make it reality, thank you

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:+1: just done that , thank you for the suggestion !

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